TOKYO GAME SHOW 2019 will have over 370 Exhibitors

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July 23, 2019

As of June 27, Tokyo Game Show 2019 now has 373 exhibitors and now has a total of 2258 booths. This is much higher than the 366 companies at the same time last year, where a total of 668 companies and organizations participated. Eventually the number of booths is expected to exceed the highest record of 2,338 booths in 2018. The reasons for the rise is the increasing number of big of booths in the smartphone games area, and the expansion of the business solution area and e-Sports area. At this moment, exhibitors from 26 countries and regions from around the world will be participating, and this number is expected to increase.

As in the past, new titles for wide range of platforms will be released, and attendees will enjoy the world of computer entertainment through variety of programs from various angles.

Advanced Purchase of Public Day Tickets (1,500 yen) is already on sale. On the day Public Day tickets are at 2,000 yen per day.

TGS2019 Supporter’s Club Tickets (3,500 yen with special benefits / only available in advance) which sell quickly every year, will go on sale via the Internet on a first-come-first-served basis. Primary sales has started last Sunday, July 2, and secondary sales will begin Saturday, July 27 at noon. Business Day advanced registration for those related to the game industry will start from the end of July.

As of this year, Family Game Park has become free of charge. (Only children under 15 years old and their guardians are allowed to enter this area. If the visitor over 13 years old want to enter the other area of Family Game Park, admission fee is needed.

Tsubasa Honda comes in as an official supporter of TGS2019

Tsubasa Honda, active as a model and actress, comes in as an official supporter of TGS2019 to help more people become interested in this event. She is known as an enthusiastic fan of video games. Also, she streams her let’s play movie on her YouTube channel named “Honda no Baiku” and has over 1,130,000 subscribers.  She will be at TGS2019 venue.

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