Artifact Adventure Gaiden DX Now Available

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August 2, 2019

Playism is proud to announce the release of Artifact Adventure Gaiden DX for PC to Steam and PLAYISM.

In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the North American release of the Nintendo Game Boy, and after its widely acclaimed release on the Nintendo Switch, Artifact Adventure Gaiden DX is now available to Steam and PLAYISM.

Created by Japanese indie developers bluffman, the old-school RPG Artifact Adventure Gaiden DX won fans around the world over with its 8-bit aesthetic and open world-style “free scenario” gameplay. The outcome of the story depends on the choices you make. However, keep in mind that for every choice you make, there will be consequences three years down the line when impending disaster hits.

  • Rich and varied scenarios, in which the different choices you make carry specific and serious consequences, shaping the outcome of the game

You will be faced with a number of choices as you prepare for impending disaster three years in the future. Some of the consequences of your choices may shock you.

  • Simple yet thrilling battles

Move left and right, jump, and slam into enemies to attack using simplistic battle controls. Dodge enemy attacks and beat your opponents to a pulp.

  • Tons of artifacts for free customization

Customize your character however you like with different combinations of active and passive skills.

Introducing the “Deluxe” features that have been upgraded from the original Artifact Adventure Gaiden.

  • Added color setting feature! Updated background scenery!
  • Updated soundtrack!
  • Local multiplayer support!

In addition to the new color settings, the backgrounds have been updated by room6 designers hakolife and ozumikan. Of course you can revert back to Game Boy style color settings at any time.

The soundtrack has been completely updated by Aoki Shintaro and other talented artists.

Allies have been given new, unique skills! Use these skills to their full potential to prepare yourself for the impending disaster.

Lumisa Kosugi, the main character of La-Mulana 2 (Now available on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, XboxOne and Steam/PLAYISM) will once again appear in game.

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