What’s what and who’s who at Cosplay Mania 2019

Written by Louis

August 23, 2019

They have a virtual idol as a guest,  A VIRTUAL IDOL!

Now entering its 11th year, Cosplay Mania is bigger than ever with its annual celebration of the Filipino Cosplay culture and fandom. Still being held inside the cavernous halls of the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, this year’s Cosplay Mania will once again hope to bring some of the biggest brands and personalities in the Cosplay and Otaku fandom, inviting some of the biggest names of not just in Cosplay but also in Music, Acting and even Gaming!

Inside the halls of SMX Convention center during Cosplay Mania’s 10th year anniversary

So who are the big names that are coming to Cosplay Mania this year?


The voice of the galaxy herself, majority of the Anime fandom would know May’n as the iconic voice behind Macross Frontier’s Galactic Fairy, Sherly Nome. Apart from Macross, May’n has also recently collaborated with other anime series such as Aquarion Logos, Accel World, and Restaurant to Another World.

Yasutaka Kanata

The famed producer himself, Yasutaka Kanata is described to be one of the brains of the highly-successful “Harajuku Queen” Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, producing some of her hits that include Ninja Re Bang Bang and Fashion Monster. A musician himself (obviously) Yasutaka Kanata also tours with his own band, CAPSULE.


They might be a relatively new name in the J-music scene but they are making big waves, MYTH & ROID is now easily household names to fans of the Isekai genre in anime with collaboration work on some of the biggest Isekai hits: Overlord, Saga of Tanya the Evil and Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World.


More anime songs? Why not! Asaka will be joining Cosplay Mania 2019’s line up on the concert stage. The young artist, who is also a cosplayer herself, produced songs for anime titles such as Occultic; Nine, A Centaur’s Life and the most relaxing anime EVER, Yuru Camp.

Ichigo Rinahamu

Get your light sticks out, we got an Idol in the house. Ichigo Rinahamu is an Idol, and a Producer too, for her group CY8ER. Apart from performing in front of fans, Ichigo Rinahamu also does more for the Idol scene in Japan by running her own record label, ICIGO STYLE.

Hige Driver

Chiptunes, Anime Music and even Video Game themes, if you love playing Arcade Rhythm games then you might have already heard about Hige Driver. Producing music for hit arcade games beatmania, jubeat and SOUND VOLTEX, Hige Driver is well known for his masterful use of the 8-bit music style. Aside from his video game involvement, Hige Driver has also collaborated on various Anime series for music including Kantai Collection, New Game! and My Daily Life with Monster Girls.

Motoko Kumai

If you somehow grew up watching Subbed Anime during the 90s or is rerunning some of the classics then you might have already heard the Voice Acting prowess of Motoko Kumai. Providing the voice for some of the well-known and even iconic characters in Anime (Japanese of course), Motoko Kumai’s voice acting work includes Li Syaoran from Card Captor Sakura, Kaoru Koganei (Lorkhan in the Filipino dub) from Flame of Recca and Takao Kinomiya of Beyblade.

Rumi Ōkubo

Rumi Okubo is the voice of Astolfo in Fate Apocrypha, need we say more?

Allen Kohatsu

Stage play fans are in for a treat as Allen Kohatsu appears in Cosplay Mania 2019. Largely known for taking on the role of Hajime Iwaizumi on the stage-play version of the hit sports Anime Haikyu! Allen Kohatsu was also part of stage promotions and stage acts for Uta no Prince-sama, Phoenix Wright: Turnabout Gold Medal and Brave 10: Tomoshibi.

Kousuke Asuma

Another stage actor that found fame and success in the stage-play version of Haikyu! Kousuke Asuma is played the role of the flirty Aobajohsai High Volleyball team captain Tōru Oikawa. Apart from Haikyu. Making his debut on stage at a young age of 19, Kousuke Asuma would then proceed to play other roles such as Sasamori Rui from Tougenkyou Labyrinth and Ichimaru Gin for Rock Musical Bleach.

Mirai Akari

Yes, it’s the Virtual YouTuber. Yes, it’s Mirai Akari. Yes, we’re reaching levels of technological advancement never before known to man. Part of the new wave of Virtual YouTubers after Kizuna AI, Mirai Akari is known for her very energetic vibe and as well as mature humor. Spreading his energy on YouTube for almost 2 years now, Mirai Akari’s content consists mainly of her attempts to connect with humans (as she is a being from the future who lost her memory) and as well as video game walkthroughs and livestreams.

Cosplay Guests

Hiroto Kuramasu


Boiled Curry


Rea Kami




Cosplay Mania 2019 will be on this coming Sept 28-29, 2019, tickets are now available for purchase at SM Ticket outlets nationwide and online with prices starting at PHP 399/Day.

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