Nintendo September 2019 Breakdown

Written by Allen

September 6, 2019

Time Stamp


00:10 Overwatch coming to Nintendo Switch – Oct 15, 2019
1:53 Luigi’s Mansion Feature (new content)
3:08 “Free to Start” Super Kirby Clash
4:12 Trials of Mana Feature (Classes)
5;23 Obra Dinn announcement
6:35 Little Town Hero announcement 
7:49 Super Smash Bros update (Banjo & Kazooie, Terry Bogard)
11:37 The Legend of Zelda : Link’s Awakening Updates (Chamber dungeons)
12:34 Dragon Quest 9S demo available now
13:40 Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE – Encore announcement
14:53 Deadly Premonition announcement
15:50 Divinity: Original Sin 2 announcement
16:57 Doom 64 Reveal by Bethesda – Nov 22, 2019
18:07 Rogue Company revealed – 2020
18:53 Pokemon Sword/Shield Feature (Curry?)
22:50 SNES Games for Switch announced
24:52 Tetris 99 Update (Survival Mode, new DLC, new Multiplayer mode)
26:07 Mario & Sonic Olympics Feature
27:10 Daemon X Machina Demo now out
28:11 Star Wars Jedi Knight II – Sep 24, 2019
28:44 Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Oct 10, 2019
29:10 Assassin’s Creed Rebel Collection – Dec 6, 2019
29:30 Dauntless – 2019
30:04 Game announcement montage
31:14 Animal Crossing: New Horizons Feature
36:57 Xenoblade Chronicles Announcement


Overwatch arriving on Switch sounded pretty inevitable on me. Does it mean that Blizzard is making new attempts to have a strong presence on the console market? Perhaps. It’s fallen out of my radar for some time now, and I’ll be paying attention to how they plan to optimize the title for Switch, considering the game’s known demand for resources and the Switch’s rather modest rendering power.


‘Free to Start’ is a weird way to label a demo. But perhaps Kirby has picked up on Tecmo’s model for their Dead or Alive games, and would like to see if they can get a similar response for their not-so-popular titles. Hopefully they find a fair way to implement the game, rather than turn Super Kirby Clash into a blatant DLC cash cow.


For a couple of years now I’ve been feeling homeless on the jRPG end. While I love the genre to bits, they rarely come out and usually come with some caveats as they cross over to PS4. One of the largest ones being that it’s on PS4, a person like me just doesn’t that kind of time to play jRPGs in a living room. But on a portable Nintendo Switch? Well, that’s a different story. This is easily proven by my 100+ hour save file on Fire Emblem.


On a rather strict definition, this announcements on this Nintendo Direct has given me 4 jRPGs to look forward to, and I’m not even counting things like Pokemon or Zelda. Considering how the more fan-service oriented titles from the east have been getting rather discouraging standards to meet in recent years, it’s welcome news to hear some new ones are coming and old ones are being completely remade for the Switch. Especially since I didn’t get to play a few of them at all.


Back in December 2018, I had decided that I was going to need a Nintendo Switch primarily for some portable Guilty Gear and the upcoming Daemon X Machina, little did I know that I’d be getting so much more of what I really like to play on it. It feels like the PSP days have come back but on a new system, the great jRPG Machine of this era is now crowned, and I can carry it with me everywhere I go.


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