If My Heart Had Wings is Now Available on the Switch

If My Heart Had Wings, is now available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch eShop and will be 10% off retail price until the 11th September.

“If My Heart Had Wings”, is a story set around students in a Soaring Club where members dream of soaring through the skies in a glider of their own making. The story has multiple endings and unfolds alongside a diverse and interesting cast of 5 heroines. While playing through the fully voiced story and pondering over the choices that are set before you, you will surely come to fall in love with one of them.

The Nintendo Switch version comes with quality of life improvements that will make it a joy for new and returning players alike. Set in the breezy, laid back town of Kazegaura, watch as these students come of age in their unique environment and experience the ups and downs in the journey towards their dream.

A story spanning 30+ hours based around 5 heroines and the glider that will carry them to the skies. The Nintendo Switch original user interface allows you to focus on the story and relationships as they deepen.

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