The Best VR units available in 2019

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September 10, 2019

Wanting to invest in VR technology to help your business? Perhaps you are just intrigued by the tech and want to give it a try in the comfort of your own home? Either way, take a look at this list, detailing some of the different VR headsets available on the market, and varying by price and quality.

Google Cardboard

Price: Affordable

Quality: Basic

An entry level VR headset, which you can probably gather from the ‘cardboard’ name, Google cardboard is a simple, cheap VR gadget which is more intended as a proof of concept on what VR can do in the future, rather than a fully-fledged device.

An example use of this tech would be to showcase and introduce VR to family and friends as a bit of fun. It’s the perfect gift item to have a bit of fun with, and it can fit most types of phones, although prolonged use can result in eye strain due to its simplistic build quality.


Oculus GO

Price: Affordable

Quality: Good

The next step up from mobile phone technology, in both quality and design, the Oculus GO headset is a completely self-contained unit that’s intuitive and ready to go once charged.

An example use of this tech is in the property investment market. Companies such as RW Invest use this technology to show potential investors what their buy-to-let property might look like when completed, and the simplicity of the tech means that they can get a good idea of what they’re buying while construction is still in progress.


PlayStation VR

Price: Mid-range

Quality: Good

An accessory to the hugely successful PlayStation 4, the PSVR headset provides a great middle ground between the cheap thrill of a mobile phone-using headset, and a high-end VR unit that will cost you in the hundreds. Whereas the expensive VR units out there require you to purchase an already expensive computer setup to function, the PlayStation VR headset uses the PS4 itself, which many own.

Being a proprietary piece of kit for use only with PlayStation 4 devices, an example use of this product would be solely with gamers wanting to upgrade their experience to the next level of immersion. While the headset can be used for things like virtual concerts and even watching Netflix, it is clear that it is mainly for video games.


Oculus Quest

Price: Expensive

Quality: Advanced

One of the most common hurdles in achieving high-quality immersion without being tied down to a computer via numerous wires and plugs. This headset seems to be a step in that direction, as it requires neither.

Oculus Quest is the newest headset to come from the Facebook owned VR giant Oculus, purchased by the former for around $2 Billion. Clearly the team over at Facebook see the potential in the future for this impressive technology, and what it can do for business and general consumers, and not just in the niche gaming market.

An example use of this product is for video game players that don’t want to be tied down by wires, as it will give them freedom of movement to an extent. Oculus no doubt also aims to pivot this sort of tech to the mainstream in the future, as again it doesn’t require the buy-in cost of a powerful computer.


HTC Vive

Price: Expensive

Quality: Advanced

Regarded by many as the most immersive and high-fidelity virtual reality system available, the HTC Vive is the benchmark that many VR developers look towards when trying to make their own products. Developed by veteran game developers Valve, the tech does have some of its roots based in gaming, but the possibilities and example uses are endless. Much like Oculus, the Vive team are also experimenting with ways in which they can get their product wire-free, and the competitors will continue to push each other into the future.




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