Introducing Tokyo Game Show 2019’s International Projects

Written by Chad

September 11, 2019

Tokyo Game Show announces their outline of the four international projects in the event from September 12 to 15.

Indie Game Area (Selection Booth) [since 2013]
The Indie Game Area (Selection Booth) is an exhibition area for independent game developers across the world, regardless of their status as professionals or amateurs, corporations or individuals, and their nationalities. This year, 322 developers applied for this area from every corner of the world. After the selection process, 86 independent game developers from 22 countries/regions were carefully selected as exhibitors. The area features original Indie titles that provide fresh game experiences.

New Stars Area (Asia since 2012, Latin America and Eastern Europe since 2016)
This area focuses on the New Stars such as promising gaming ventures and developers that are active in different regions with a rising gaming industry. This year it will add the Hong Kong pavilion, with 20 developers from 5 countries and regions displaying their products.

SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT 2019 (SOWN2019) [since 2008]
The aim of SOWN is to present new game ideas that will catch people by surprise and give them a “Sense of Wonder” — a sense that something will change in their world  — right at the instant of first seeing or hearing about the concept. This year, 8 developers from 4 countries, chosen out of the 86 developers exhibiting in the Indie Game Area (Selection Booth), will make their presentations on the SOWN stage as finalists.

International Party + Indie Night
The International Party is popular among international exhibitors and developers in the Indie Game Area and SOWN presenters. Cross-cultural networking will be enjoyed in a casual atmosphere. All the exhibitors are welcome! The party will be held at the special area in the Hall 9.

TGS 2019 will also hold the “Cosplay Collection Night @TGS” in which overseas cosplayers will perform on stage. “Tokyo Otaku Mode Live Stream Hut” will handle the livestreaming in English for overseas and “Douyu TV” for Chinese.

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