The Top 5 Moments from REV Major 2019

Written by Franz Chan

October 2, 2019

The dust from REV Major 2019 has settled, and it has definitely legitimized itself as a global fighting game event worthy of attention. REV Major 2019 weekend was full of hype, surprises, kick-ass fighting game action and of course plenty of highlights to talk about.

For those who missed the event, or just want to re-live the some Good Ass REV Major, we break down the most memorable highlights that will be talked about as the pillars of the Philippine FGC:


5. Eyemusician Razzles and Dazzles with Yoshimitsu

The young Korean upstart definitely delivered at REV Major, surprising everyone with his Yoshimitsu, entertaining the crowd and placing his highest rank in a Premier tournament yet. He took out local favorite AK in a very intense, nailbiting series and ended up challenging in the Top 8. He ultimately fell to Rangchu in the Loser’s Bracket but everyone will remember the name Eyemusician from now on.

4. The Manila Crowd Wakes up with a Hype Cell Yell for the Dragon Ball FighterZ Grand Finals

REV Major 2019 was huge for several reasons including it being part of the Dragon Ball FigherZ world tour thanks to the support of Bandai Namco. The crowd definitely made it feel like part of the world tour as the traditional Cell Yell (skipped several times during the bracket) finally happened to open up the Finals to a huge roar.

Fenretti ultimately took the championship against Moddo, and as the game evolves we hope to see more world class DBFZ competition in the Philippines!

BONUS ROUND: A Pro Wrestling Showdown in Tekken?

The local Philippine wrestling scene has been booming in the past few years and we had a little taste of a crossover with two wrestlers from Philippine Wrestling Revolution taking stage during the Tekken World Tour Pools at REV Major 2019.

Super Vintendo and Jake De Leon showed the crowd that pro wrestlers can play video games too (in full wrestling getup), and it was a little moment for fans of the local independent wrestling scene.

3. Son of Nobi takes Center Stage

It’s those moments in a fan’s life that will definitely be remembered. “Son of Nobi” fulfilled his dreams when he faced his idol Nobi on stage at REV Major 2019. Not only did he manage to take a round, he managed to endear the hearts of people watching all over the world with his hype play.

The actual Nobi (dad) played a really good tournament and ended up placing 2nd; and no other than Katsuhiro Harada gave Son of Nobi the blessing to come up on stage and receive the medal with Nobi himself, much to the crowd’s approval. Will we see Son of Nobi again in future events? It seems like some powers might have been handed down.

2. SECRET FINAL BOSS? “The Beast” Daigo challenges the Street Fighter V Champion Tachikawa!

Daigo Umehara is the first fighting game esports superstar, and it truly took the event hype to the next level with his presence. “The Beast” himself was seen taking photos and signing autographs with fans, taking interviews, and of course the highlight of it all, challenging REVMajor 2019 Street Fighter V champion Tachikawa.

The lights were out, and out came the legend himself, walking through the player entrance, taking the center stage and proving that he was truly the Final Boss by sweeping the little showmatch against a clearly unprepared Tachikawa. What a way to cap the weekend for local Street Fighter fans.


BONUS ROUND: Melty Blood Finals? Josiebee Burger? REVMajor Anime Intro?

It wouldnt be a Philippine FGC event without some memes, and boy did Playbook Esports deliver with their production. Outside of serious mini-documentaries featuring players and the community, the fun content was truly top tier starting with the REV Major anime intro which really set the tone for the event.

Day 2 saw the traditional “Melty Blood Finals” happen in some pretty interesting circumstances, and the product launch for Josiebee Mishima burger, captured on footage by the man himself, Katsuhiro Harada.

Will this be the knockout new burger choice for the Tekken fan?


1. Rangchu Rips it up against Lowhigh in THE REV Major moment for 2019

Rangchu known for his unorthodox play with Panda really came out to play at REV Major 2019. Once known as one of the worst characters in Tekken 7, Rangchu really proved once again that Panda was a force to be reckoned with in the right paws.

The final round of his breathtaking match against Lowhigh was truly something to behold for the audience. The final hit of the series seemed like a stalemate that went on forever with the crowd biting their nalls and feeling their heartbeats in that particular moment.

Take my advice and just watch the video without spoiling it for yourself. This was truly worth staying up late for.

REV Major 2020: Where Do We Go From Here?

Now that REV Major 2019 is in the books, fans can only imagine and salivate for how much bigger next year’s event will be.

From the bigger venue, the memes, to Son of Nobi’s dreams, to the trophies hoisted at centerstage and major guests from the scene, REV Major 2019 really stamped itself as a knockout event for the whole FGC globally.

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