CosplayMania 2019: It Keeps on Getting Better

Written by Jillian

October 7, 2019

One of the most anticipated cosplay conventions every single year. Cosplayers and con goers are waiting for it’s announcements for the special guests, voice actors, international cosplayers and guest singers/bands. CosplayMania always exceeds people’s expectations every single year on the surprises they give to its supports.

CosplayMania 2019 was held last September 28-29 at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay City. Occupying the 4 halls below which gave a bigger space for exhibitors and con goers to roam around freely and space efficiency. Being strict as well on “team labas” that everyone MUST get a ticket to enter the premises of the event.

Despite few issues that arise prior the event date. They made sure that they have sent out important announcements particularly: wooden swords, which they have coordinated with the security of the convention centre and as well as “paid” services outside/inside the premises of the convention centre. It gave quite a controversy, but the organizers are able to handle it quite well.


Convention Halls

CosplayMania acquired the 4 halls on the ground floor at SMX. Which are the biggest halls compared to the upper function rooms at the 2nd floor of the convention centre. For the first two halls, they have a mini stage there which is call the EX Hall and the exhibitors and artist center are placed. The pathways to each stall are not that tight.

We do experience sometimes what considered as “sardinas” feeling because of the skin to skin contact with other people walking and looking. But it should be expected at times since there are a lot of attendees at the event.

There are a stalls provided as changing room provided beside the comfort rooms near the 3rd Hall. Which is highly appreciated to cosplayers who plan to change in the convention centre instead of travelling while in costume.

For the 3rd hall, it’s the Food Hall and a hall in which cosplayers can sit and relax while doing their makeups and also eat and rest. The merchandise and guests’ merchandise as also being sold at this hall in the sides where the entrance of SP hall is.

And lastly the 4th hall which is called the SP Hall which the main stage is located. The main program is held at the SP hall as well as the concerts and the cosplay competition which the winners of the Cosplay Craze leg that they did all around the Philippines gathered to showcase their craft.



This year’s CosplayMania is stricter compared to last year’s convention and it’s alright to tell you the truth that they maintain the crowd for those people who just stay in outside the convention halls and doesn’t buy the convention’s tickets. Also they had a strict rule that they cannot set up any lights or occupy a certain space for shoots unless you’ve bought a ticket.

The organizers also placed a “Lost and Found” counter right beside the claiming of badges for VIPs, media and many more. It’s nice to see that there are people who really return the stuff they found or saw at the floor. Faith in Humanity Restored!!!

What’s also amazing for the staff and organizers of the event is that they went above and beyond by asking the convention securities if the congoers/cosplayers can bring props that are made out of wood like katanas for certain anime characters or for exhibitors who actually sells these swords inside the EX hall.

It’s amazing that they really listen to the community on their sentiments and praises and what are needed to be improved or to be kept as it is. Kudos to the staff and organizers for that!


I have been covering CosplayMania year after year and I may say so myself that they live up to our expectations and mostly they exceeded them. I love how they really ask opinions of the public on feedbacks and makes sure that they read each detail that is being said. As well as, being updated on latest concerns like what happened for the wooden swords and “paid “services that has been on talks for almost a week before the event.

Kudos to the staff that kept it cool all throughout the 2 days of the convention from coming in early to make everything sure is smooth and staying in late to make sure that everything is organized and back at its proper places. As well as the hosts both for the EX Hall and SP Hall in making sure the crowd is wild and energetic on what the organizers have showcased for them. To organizers in making this event happen for 11 years straight and is still strong in giving the “best” convention of the year.

CosplayMania is an event that we all should expect every year for their wonderful output on the conventions they have been showing every single year. Also, with their others events they organize like ACX, Cosplay Craze and Cosplay Matsuri.

Do visit their upcoming event this end of December which is the Cosplay Matsuri which will be held at SMX Convention Center. Its 3 day event from December 28-30, 2019! See you!!

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