Super Robot Wars V is Now Available on Switch and Steam

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October 9, 2019

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia is proud to announce the release of Super Robot Wars V for home consoles, Nintendo Switch and STEAM! which was released on 3rd October 2019, you can get all 20 Bonus Scenarios, the additional contents from the previous Super Robot Wars V with the main game. Take this chance to get a thrill out of the Super Robot Wars Series!

All 20 Bonus Scenarios for Super Robot Wars V!

Get your hands on all 20 Bonus Scenarios! The additional contents from the previous Super Robot Wars V!

Enjoy the main game and these distinctive Bonus Scenarios! Clear these scenarios and acquire the Power Parts for the main game!

  • 01:A Life’s Vow
  • 02:A Fight Between Men
  • 03:A Cause Worth Fighting For
  • 04:Blooming Anew
  • 05:More Than Greed
  • 06:A Subtle Difference
  • 07:Learning the Hathaway
  • 08:A Disquieting Clash
  • 09:Acting the Part
  • 10:A Grudge Among Men
  • 11:Promise for a Fresh Start
  • 12:Three Strengths
  • 13:G-Hound’s Critical Battle
  • 14:Three Sisters of Axis
  • 15: Power to Pierce Through Darkness
  • 16:Bellicose Star Sea
  • 17:Clash of the Mazin Redux
  • 18:A Desperate Battlefield
  • 19:Co-starring Beauty and Power
  • 20: Another Desperate Battlefield
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