Come Prepared, ESGS 2019’s Here to Play

Written by Allen

October 21, 2019

The big gaming convention is happening this week and why else would you be there if not to check out some new and fun games to play? A lot of publishers seem pretty aboard with the idea. Make these publishers and their games part of your tour around this huge convention so you can enrich the whole ESGS experience!

We have Keybol games and their team of local devs planting the Philippine map on PC and Switch, with an updated demo for their platformer Jack Axe, then there’s their Strategy RPG called Grand Guilds, Their retro-shooter called High-Noon Revolver, and more!

Next, we have KOG Games, giving us some titles that has a long-standing fan base thanks to their strong lineup for action-filled anime-styled titles. This year, they’ll be featuring their Grand Chase mobile game, Elsword, a 2.5D type beat-em-up platformer, and KurtzPel, a 3D arena-brawler.

MU Origin 2, a mobile MMO, will be available to try out if you’re interested. I’m personally curious how an ‘origin’ game gets a sequel, but that’s just me playing with semantics. Anyway, if you’re already a fan of this game, their feature booth will also be giving away some free swag so it may still be worth to drop by to try and nab some freebies.

Nintendo will be officially appearing for the first time for ESGS as well, it’s going to be brought on by Maxsoft, a company from Singapore. A quick google shows us that Maxsoft is more on Pokemon products, so we can expect probably an updated trailer for the upcoming Sword & Shield series, trading cards, and maybe a special feature for their competitive scene. On top of that, DA Geeks will also be holding a meetup event for Nintendo fans. Which could be a good opportunity to meet people of mutual interests and make new friends through our gaming hobby!

Ubisoft will be back to feature their regular Just Dance to liven up the place for those who feel like duking it out on the dance floor. However, this year they’ll also be featuring Rainbow 6 Siege, a very popular tactical FPS game along with its latest updates.

Boomzap will also be showing us their latest updates with Last Regiment, which is currently available for early access. A playable demo is definitely expected to be available as well as the ability to purchase the game should you find it to your fancy.

Square-Enix has thrown their hat into the ESGS ring as well, this time with their very popular mobile title, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. And they’re not only offering to let you try out their mobile game, they have a lot of things planned for anyone who’s interested to drop by! You may want to come back to this booth for each day.

PlayPark comes in to bringing along some old-time favorites from our younger MMO days. If you’re looking to rekindle your love for the games that helped us discover online gaming like Flyff or RF Online, visit their booth to give it a spin and maybe receive some special extras if you decide that it’s time to reconnect with your childhood favorites.

Capcom, while is quite a ways off for its next big release, will also be gracing us for the event to let anyone who’s still on the fence give a go at the breathtaking Iceborne expansion of Monster Hunter World. Who knows, maybe they’ll even hold a time-attack event, but hey, really just playing more Monster Hunter is it’s own reward. Also, GungHo had recently announced that they’ll be exhibiting at the event. This means the TCG (Trading Card Game) based on Capcom characters, Teppen will be available to try and play for the event as well.

Last but not least we’re going to have a lot of enthusiastic creators paving their own way to sharing their own unique ideas for games. And they all come under the banner of ESGS’ Indie Fiesta. There’s going to be some horror themes like Ang Ospital’ for your spooky halloween, some inspired by other popular titles like Cat’s Dream, and even some tabletop games meant to be enjoyed with others like Manila 2076.

I suppose this is as a good point as any to mention that Ludus is hosting its own competitive circuit for MTG (Magic: the Gathering), called Gold Rush. Prized will include winning some card sets and expansion packs, so if you’re a bit of a spell slinger or a summoner yourself, why not have a swing at it and put your skills to the test.

Speaking of skills, those who have a knack for fighting games or would at least like to experience the thrill of joining a tournament can join the fray by registering for Fighting Game Area – Powered by Mountain Dew. This event is going to be handled by the capable hands of PlayBook, which have proven themselves with many other events beforehand, including past conventions of ESGS. If you do well enough in these tournaments, you’ll find yourself taking on the best players this event has to offer on the grand stage of the event itself! Some may call that pressure, I call it an achievement.

Man, that’s quite a lot to go through, if I do say so myself. Considering you may have to queue up for some of these attractions, you’ll really want to have a certain battle plan on which ones you’ll want to tackle first or which ones you think should be on your priority list. If you like games, whether it requires a controller, a keyboard and mouse, or a deck of cards, there’s really something in store for you for this ever-growing gaming event. See you there!

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