The Biggest Booths of ESGS 2019

Written by Allen

October 25, 2019

Gamers truly feel like royalty in the Esports and Gaming Summit and it’s no mystery why; brands for hardware, games, everything in-between go there to give each attendee the best experience possible. Everyone is competing for the gamer’s attention and they’re not holding back with how flashy and attractive their booths are. Just check out what they’ve got packing below!

Here we have the Fighting Game Arena booth, we took the one before the event officially started so you can see all the way inside. Also, if you hang out at the right time, you even get free Mountain Dew!

The two images above features Lenovo’s Legion booth, it’s actually 2 floors and full of games!

This tavern is acutally MU Origin 2’s booth. It’s also featuring another one-punch man mobile game. But the real highlight here is what you get if you finish the set of challenges this booth’s challenges. It’s designed for maximum comfort.



This impressive sea of red is none other than the Nintendo booth. Featuring 6 games, and some pokemon mascots if you’re lucky!


Predator’s presentation is nothing to scoff at, check out that ringed LED! It’s also surrounded by several installations where you can play a few games yourself.

And also this year they sent us a new set of superheroes, or something.

RoG’s booth is towering over most of the convention. So it’s pretty easy to find, they made use of the space to make sure people have space to hang.

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