New Character Lina Debuts in Kritika: The White Knights

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November 12, 2019

It seems that 5 years of publishing cannot make Kritika: The White Knights falter when this game has just launched the 17th character named Lina.

Famous for creating creative unique character classes, Kritika: The White Knights has created a singer with the skill of a spearwoman. You will have chance to witness a beautiful spearwoman roaming the battlefield with great skills to dance and sing.

Lina possesses a fire spear that allows her to launch mid-range and long-range attacks, and unleash devastating fire attacks. This new character will own all the inherent female avatars of Kritika, adding two brand new avatars Superstar and Matchless War God to match her concept of “Idol on the battlefield”.

A new skill that automatically levels up as a Character gains EXP in battle has been added in this new update. Train Bonus grants ATK, DEF, and HP and you can level up Train Bonus starting at Level 70.

This update has also greatly improved the user interface such as improved shortcuts for better navigation, changing Season Class to Lina, and rearranging Inventory. You will find a lot of new things to discover even with a returning user.

To welcome Lina, instead of a seven-day login event for newly released characters, Kritika doubled the number of days to receive items to 14 days. Just logging in during the event, you can receive valuable rewards worth up to 200USD including: 20,000 Karat, 20,000 Lapiz and 1 Ethereal+ Pet, Carbuncle.

Kritika: The White Knights is a mobile RPG, and a joint venture between GAMEVIL, allm, and FUNFLOW. Through its impressive graphics, polished gameplay, and consistent updates, Kritika has enjoyed a steady growth in popularity in many countries.

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