Brave Frontier X Samurai Champloo Collaboration

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November 20, 2019

gumi Inc. is proud to announce the arrival of SAMURAI CHAMPLOO in BRAVE FRONTIER. From Nov 20th to Dec 11th, 2019, Summoners can look forward to summoning their favorite SAMURAI CHAMPLOO characters and collecting various rewards available during the collaboration.

Below, we have listed the highlights of what Summoners can expect from this collaboration:

Meet your favourite SAMURAI CHAMPLOO characters as they make a surprise entrance to the world of Grand Gaia to join Summoners in battle!

7★ Samurai Champloo Unit Summon:
Summoners may obtain Mugen and Jin from the Special Collaboration Summon Gate for a limited time. These Units will be available in their 7★ forms and can be evolved into their Omni forms.

Samurai Champloo Reward Units:
Participate in Brave Frontier’s limited time collaboration dungeons and earn exclusive event tokens known as ‘Samurai Sunflowers’! Use these event tokens in exchange for Omni forms of Fuu and Shoryu at the event bazaar.

SAMURAI CHAMPLOO characters who will be making a special appearance are:

  • Mugen
    Rude, brash, and reckless, Mugen is a veritable force of nature among swordsmen. With his unkempt appearance and baggy clothing, one could easily make the mistake of underestimating his skill with the blade. Some would call him greedy, foolish, or selfish, and they would probably be right. Despite his many flaws, Mugen is known to accept people as comrades after many trials and adventures. Even after parting ways with Jin and Fuu, Mugen still nostalgically recalls the time they spent together. During his travels alone, he ends up eating a mysterious mushroom which catapults him into a world where they are reunited for another journey together. In this unknown land called Grand Gaia, Mugen will soon find out that some nightmares never really end, and sometimes, come back with a vengeance.
  • Jin
    Calm and collected, Jin is a quiet enigma to those who have encountered him on the road. While his conversational skills are less than stellar, his skills with the sword are nothing short of a piece of art. However, his path has not been an easy one. Forced to leave the dojo he had grown up in after his sensei tried to kill him, he had to fight off his former classmates as he journeyed across the land. It was only by chance that he met the people he would embark on many adventures with, and eventually, accept them as the closest thing to friends he has. Little did he know, after separating from Mugen and Fuu, he would stand by their side once again in an unknown world far away from home – although not without its own challenges. However, reunited with his old friends, he will muse to himself that it was worth every moment spent together.
  • Fuu
    A young woman with a big appetite, Fuu is in search of a man known as ‘the samurai who smells of sunflowers’. She lived a difficult life after her father left her family and her mother died of illness, forcing her into a stint as a tea house waitress. After bumping into the two, her bodyguards turned friends, she jumped from one spot of trouble to another; sometimes by her own hand, as she has a habit of meddling in people’s business. Nevertheless, her many adventures take her to all kinds of places. Prone to getting lost, she makes her appearance in the land of Grand Gaia in stride, but the appearance of her friends made things all the better…even though she knew in her heart that peace would not last.
  • Shoryu
    Embittered by the lack of acknowledgement for his superb skill with the blade, Shoryu began to walk a bloodied path of murder as he tested himself against others time and time again. Combined with his innate mastery of the martial art of Hakkei, his warrior’s ability allowed him to swiftly cut down those whose skill was less than worthy. Defeat finally arrived for him in a surprising twist of events. However, death cannot last long for a man of great power. His tremendous spirit and with the help of a mysterious root, his body sprung back into life once again in the unknown world of Grand Gaia, all the more strange and exciting. Here, he will find monsters both human and otherwise on which he could test his skill of the blade freely. As the bodies begin to pile up, a familiar glee starts awakening anew in his heart.

Dual Brave Burst
Unleash the mighty power of Dual Brave Burst (DBB) with SAMURAI CHAMPLOO Bond Partners, Mugen and Jin!

DBB is a Skill Type that can only be used by specially selected Units that are known to be “Bonded.” Bonded Units join together to perform their DBB during combat that unleashes a mighty power, an Elemental Synergy, in addition to their combined Ultimate Brave Bursts.

SAMURAI CHAMPLOO Collaboration dungeons
Dungeons are available for Summoners to look forward to as well!

Samurai Champloo Adventures (Available from Nov 21st to Dec 4th)
Mugen, searching the forest for something to eat, comes across a strange mushroom like the one he had with Fuu and Jin. He eats it, passes out, and wakes to see the Summoner and Jin in front of him. Jin informs him that Fuu and himself found the Summoner taking care of Mugen. Fuu, who went to get water for Mugen, has yet to return. Fearing she might have been kidnapped again, Mugen and Jin decide to split up and look for her.

Summoners can obtain event tokens by clearing these missions. These tokens can be used at the SAMURAI CHAMPLOO Bazaar to exchange for rewards.

Lethal Lunacy (Available from Dec 4th to Dec 11th)
With all the evidence pieced together and the ominous full moon drifting over the forest, Mugen and the Summoner manage to find the risen corpse of Shoryu waiting for a rematch. Shoryu has a strong chi that preserved his body from rotting and thanks to a wasabi root, has been resuscitated. Driven by his desire to become the strongest among martial users, he challenges Mugen and the Summoner.

Summoners can obtain event tokens by clearing these missions. These tokens can be used at the SAMURAI CHAMPLOO Bazaar to exchange for rewards. In addition, Summoners will obtain Shoryu upon completion of this Event Dungeon.

Sunflower Collection (Available from Nov 21st to Dec 4th)
Fuu’s perspective: Hoping to be more useful to her traveling companions, Fuu sets off in search of water, but can’t help but think about the mushrooms Mugen said he ingested. Did he really find matsutake, also known as the “Jewels of the Mountain”? Can she make a huge profit if she finds enough of them? Unfortunately, trouble seems to follow Fuu everywhere.

Summoners can obtain event tokens by clearing these missions. These tokens can be used at the SAMURAI CHAMPLOO Bazaar to exchange for rewards.

Event Bazaar

Gather all your event tokens from clearing the BRAVE FRONTIER x SAMURAI CHAMPLOO dungeons and exchange them for even more rewards! Do not miss your chance to get the exclusive collaboration Units—Fuu and Shoryu.

The Bazaar will be available from Nov 20th to Dec 11th.

Milestone Campaign

It’s the final fight to decide the ultimate martial artist! Even death could hardly put a damper on Shoryu’s obsessive pursuit of glory. Let your skills do the talking as you put this madness to its final rest!

Note: Clearing either of these missions under the “Lethal Lunacy” dungeon will count toward the total number of clears required for the milestones.

  • “Full Moon Duel”
  • “Full Moon Duel” [Hard Mode]

Gather your fellow Summoners and reach the milestones together to earn impressive prizes!

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