LIAN LI Launches New Full Tower LANCOOL II

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November 22, 2019

LIAN LI is proud to announce the LANCOOL II, a revised and improved version of its popular LANCOOL ONE. Available in black and white, the LANCOOL II is packed with features designed to make the user’s building experience as pleasant as possible, such as four flip panels, modular cable cover plates, and an adjustable drive bay, all the while providing a clean and modern look with front panel RGB effect and tempered glass on both sides of the case.

Flip Panels & Shrouds All Around

When building a PC, easy access to all the compartments is key. Not losing or breaking the thread of important screws is also a good advantage. That is why the LANCOOL II is equipped with hinged tempered glass panels as well as two metallic shroud panels on both the right side and left side of the case, all magnetic, eliminating the need for unnecessary screws. While the tempered glass panels provide a great view to the piece of art that is your PC, the shroud panels provide easy access to the PSU’s cable for easier management without having to remove any parts to get to it. It also provides quick access to your HDD cage, and for an added benefit, the glass panels can easily be lifted off their hinges to prevent any damage while building the PC.

Cable Management with Ease

While access to the PSU has been made easier with flip panels on both sides of the shroud, the LANCOOL II offers even more features for cable management. First, the removable cable management bar located next to the motherboard tray, which can be flipped for support of E-ATX motherboards, provides a long unrestricted access to the right side of the case for ease of routing without compromise. In addition, cutouts can be found above the mother tray as well as on top of the PSU shroud for even more cable routing options. Once you are ready to take care of the spaghetti mess on the right side of the case, 2 cover plates help virtually completely hide all cables, leaving a clean and organized view to enjoy. Removable with thumbscrews, the cable bar cover plates provide enough space and hooks to cleanly route most of the main power cables while the motherboard tray cover provides access to a removable fan or LED hub mounting plate. Building a clean system has never been this easy.

Fan & Cooling Optimization

LANCOOL II has stepped its temperature management game up with an innovative design capable to satisfy the most demanding enthusiasts. Capable to support overall 8 x 120mm fans, a 360mm radiator at the front and a 240mm radiator at the top, the LANCOOL II provides enough cooling options to create a better than adequate airflow and keep your system running at peak performance. The installation of said fans and radiators has been well thought out too. Located behind the front panel, users will find a toolless mounting bracket that can be positioned closer to the front panel or closer to your internal components to provide enough clearance for thick radiators or push-pull configurations. In addition, the two shroud flip panels are indented with vents to make sure the intake in that area is more than sufficient. And to keep it all clean and clear, magnetic dust filters have been located at the top of the case and in the front panel, and are complemented by a dust filter tray below the case, ensuring a secure position as well as easy access for cleaning.

Tool-less RGB Front Panel and IO

Making your case stand out, the front panel is designed with built-in RGB effects which can cycle through 8 modes of illumination and various colors (the eight mode is synched with your motherboard). What truly makes this front panel unique though is how quickly it can be removed and reinstalled back on. Featuring a quick connect adaptor, the front panel can be removed put back quickly without the hassle of dealing with LED cables, giving you unparalleled ease of access to your front filters radiator and fans. Located at the top of the case, you’ll find the control buttons for the front panel RGB effects, the power button, USB ports as well as audio ports.

Optional items

If you are looking to make your system extra special, LIAN LI has a few options in store for the LANCOOL II. Firstly, For those who like to show off the front of their graphics card, an exclusive vertical GPU kit has been designed to fit perfectly within the LANCOOL II, and for those of you who prefer the original position, LIAN LI nicely provides an anti-sag bracket, making sure your GPU will not bend your PCI-e slots as well as keep the card at a perfect angle, making sure your OCD doesn’t kick in. For some extra pizazz, you can opt to add a custom made Side Diffused LED strip which fits snugly in front of the shroud panel, leaving enough room for a nice ambient light to fill your system. If you plan on making your build a data hoarding one, which you can with all the storage mounting options available, LIAN LI gives you the option to add a Hot-swappable Back Plate to your hard drive cage, allowing you to build a raid with all your drives and be able to replace one of them at the time without having to shut down your system, and adding on LEDs that provide drive power and drive reading indicators. Lastly, for users equipped with the latest of the latest and the greatest of the greatest, USB 3.1 Type C can be integrated into your system for fast transfer speeds.

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