Hero-Collecting RPG DUNGEON & GODDESS is Out on Android

Written by Chad

December 3, 2019

Nadiasoft announces today the global launch of their brand-new mobile RPG, DUNGEON & GODDESS.

DUNGEON & GODDESS is a mobile 2D turn-based RPG, full of hero-collecting and exciting RPG battles. Players team up with a total of 150 heroes and monsters to play against the five fallen archangels through a general dungeon system, a day-of-the-week dungeon system that gives different goods daily, an infinite tower system that competes with ranking among users, a boss raid system that fights with the heroes of your friends, and a PVP system that determines each other’s victory as a representative hero.

To bring DUNGEON & GODDESS to Android users who like to play 2D turn RPG games worldwide, DUNGEON & GODDESS has conducted a closed beta test in Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines, as well as Korea, in order to improve the sense of fun and game elements. Also, users who pre-registered on the Google Play Store will receive an official launch notification along with special pre-registration rewards.

Starting from today, DUNGEON & GODDESS invites RPG enthusiast to a fantasy world full of Gods and Heroes. Players can choose their heroes, enhance them, and challenge themselves to fight the strongest monsters. The rage-filled and powerful Fallen Angels will constantly put their abilities to the test.

To join the adventure of heroes and gods in high quality 2D graphics, DUNGEON & GODDESS is now available for free in the Google Play Store in English, with more languages and national heroes to be added in the future.

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