VR Rhythm Action SOUNDART Arriving in Early 2020

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December 5, 2019

PLAYISM is proud to announce that SOUNDART, the latest title from Mercury Studio, the creators of Break Arts, has been set for an early 2020 launch.

SOUNDART is the latest title from the esteemed Mercury Studio who created BREAK ARTS for the IOS and Android and then added further robot customisation and battle racing in BREAK ARTS II for PC.

Exhilarating Rhythm Action

Strike, Sweep, and Thrust. In SOUNDART, Thrusts timings appear at particularly intense moments in the music. The Thrusts are accompanied by flashy special effects and an extremely satisfying sound. It allows you to feel more in touch with the music and is a sensation that has to be experienced in order to fully appreciate.

Using the aforementioned 3 types of movement, the player must hit the cubes that come streaming towards them in time with the music. Master the timings to gracefully hit every cube that comes your way!

Endless Music Library

It is possible to load your own music into the game. The game will automatically generate the music blocks according to the song you have chosen and anticipating what kind of stage your song has become is one of the joys of playing this game.

Create your own SOUNDART with your own music.

Pop and Rock songs produce the most stimulating levels.

Show me, show you.

Often when playing VR games you want to show people what you playing on a big screen. Well with SOUNDART you can as there is a built in real time live show mode!

House parties or streaming, use this feature to show off your skills.

Also the game supports VRM avatars so you can change the appearance of your playable character with a simple file change.

This is a game not just designed for the one wearing the VR goggles but for those around them as well.

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