RayarkCon LIVE’s Sneak Peek at Rayark’s Game Updates

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December 24, 2019

Rayark Inc. used the recent worldwide stream event “RayarkCon LIVE” to give a sneak peek look at the latest news concerning various titles, including Cytus II, Soul of Eden, Sdorica, and MO: Astray. This was also the first time Rayark has revealed the promo video for their new project, DEEMO II.

Via “RayarkCon LIVE”, players from across the world not only looked back on all the amazing content from 2019, but also got see Rayark preview various game title headlines for 2020.


Cytus II Exposes the Latest News for Next Year Suggests that Character Voices will be Acted Out

The video begins with Cytus II news, which besides looking back on the amazing content that appeared in 2019, also brought to light the “2020 Cytus II” video clip for the first time.  In addition to previewing game developments for next year, the biggest surprise was hearing the voices of some characters, suggesting that in the future, game content may be acted out by voice actors.

Besides this, the producer of Cytus II, Yu Zhang, looked back on the Cytus II e-Sports competitions that were held in Taipei, Tokyo, Xiamen, and Seoul, as well as announcing that competitions will be held in more regions during 2020. Among these could possibly include a brand-new online battle for Cytus α on the Nintendo Switch console.


Sdorica x Cytus II Collab; Sneak Peek Look at Some Characters

Immediately following was a preview of a collab between Sdorica and Cytus II. Players will soon see popular characters from Cytus II, such as PAFF and NEKO#ΦωΦ transformed into the Sdorica style. Through brand-new voice acting, the extremely unique character skills are also released.


MO: Astray to Hit Nintendo Switch; Launches Brand-New Gameplay Modes

The video previews brand-new gameplay modes for MO: Astray, which has received lots of rave reviews from around the world. At the end of the clip is a hidden easter egg, which suggests that the game will soon be available on the Nintendo Switch console.

In order to provide players with more enjoyment and challenges in the game, the development team, Archpray Games, will add “Timed Mode” and “Disaster Mode” to MO: Astray during the spring.

“Timed Mode”­­ will display the players’ gameplay time, as well as the start and end time within quests. Via specially designed interfaces and mechanisms, players will have a chance to take on a “speed run”, where players try to complete the game in the shortest time possible, comparing their runs with players from around the world to see who’s the best.

For players who have already completed quests, they’ll be able to face even more difficult gameplay content including obstacles, game values, puzzles, and other evident changes. During the clip, Game Director Yung-Ting Lee jokingly suggests that it’s like MO has fallen into a completely evil, sinister environment. When players are playing this mode they’ll be able to experience the “evil” of the development team when they had initially imagined the quests by putting it back in the game. This will bring with it a much more intense difficulty level.


Part of Soul of Eden’s OP Animation Released Expected to be Released in 2020

Soul of Eden, which has been in development for 4 years, has its latest short promotional video released. The content comes from its soon to hit the market OP animation, revealing the various factions’ unique characteristics.

Rayark’s CEO, Ming-Yang Yu, also notes that the game is currently doing open beta on Google Play in Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, the Philippines, etc. It’s expected to officially hit the worldwide market next year.


Biggest Easter Egg in the Stream: Previews the Opening of a DEEMO II Project

At the end of “RayarkCon LIVE”,  for the first time ever, Rayark publicly releases a promotional video for its newest DEEMO II project, indicating that the production for this game has already begun.


From the DEEMO II Teaser and logo design, it can be seen that “rain” and “flowers” are important elements in the game. Though Rayark didn’t give further explanation, the giant monster that lies behind the train station at the end of the video seems to be hinting at part of the game’s storyline.

Following DEEMO’s sixth birthday, the 1-month anniversary of DEEMO -Reborn-‘s launch on the PlayStation 4 console, and the start of production for an animated movie, the announcement of a DEEMO II project gives players even more to look forward to.

For more details, please refer to DEEMO II’s official website: www.deemo.com/deemo2/


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