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January 4, 2020

Where fashion and food are becoming one of the popular trends in this world, in the same way, the gaming industry is also doing a huge business every day. Multiple events are organized for the gaming purpose where the gamers are instructed properly for the gaming competitions. Now making a career in the gaming field is one of the best options. Playing games can also prove beneficial to you. According to Medical News Today, games can make your brain works more faster, can improve your calculations and reasoning skills.

Playing a lot of games can also make you mentally and physically ill. Nowadays, many peoples are addicted to the games due to which they are fallen prey to diseases like hypertension, depression and insomnia. According to BBC News, there are more than 1 billion people who spend most of the time in front of gaming gadgets. Playing games is good, but the condition is that they should be given limited time.

Top 10 most played games in 2019

Here some of the most popular games that are played by a huge population. If you are bored, then you should be trying anyone of them:


The player unknown battleground is the most trendiest game of 2019. It is an online multiplayer action game with more than 10 million active accounts. PUBG is now also available in the PC version which is good news for the PC expert gamers. You will get ridiculous graphics, and it is straightforward to attempt. Multiple bonuses are given to the users for better performance. Enjoy a good shooting time with your friends.

Shadowguns legends:

Want to get some shooting experience with a perfect storyline? Shadowguns legends are the right choice for you. You will get a great atmosphere of bars, casinos, and other well-designed characters that will give you different quests or missions. The missions can be played individually or with a team.

Real Racing 3:

Real racing is a perfect mixture of strategy, racing, and action. You will get a wide variety of cars in the game. Customizing or maintaining option is also available in it by which you can set a vehicle according to your needs. You can earn more currency in the game just by winning multiple races. The GUI is really amazing that will not let you get confused. Simply, the best way to bring racing experience in your life.


Fornite is a renowned online multiplayer game with a lot of features, characters, and maps. No doubt, it is also prominent in size and will consume a lot of memory. It is quite similar to the PUBG, and also have a considerable number of online players. It is the best spot to gather up with your friends in the form of teammates. You can also play with random people with the availability of the audio call. One of the best things about this game is that you can design your character with different outfits. All items, including guns, bombs, and other weapon, are uniquely designed.

Online roulette:

Let discuss something different from ordinary games. If you love to play casinos games, then online roulette is designed just for you. It is not only a place of enjoyment, but you can also earn a handsome amount from it. Multiple platforms are providing online roulette. You can play and can also get the best roulette promotions.

Into the dead 2:

This game is based on fear, action, and strategy. A character is provided to you, and you have to survive in the game just by killing the zombies. You will see different zombies with weird faces in the game. If you are afraid of the horror games, then avoid playing it.

Second Galaxy:

Well, the name of this game explains the inner system of it. While reaching to this game, you can enjoy the life of a free sci-fi world where you can visit multiple planets. Many missions are waiting for you that have to be completed in time. You can also earn a lot of points just by completing each quest perfectly.

Call of duty-Mobile:

After getting a huge success in the PCs, PlayStation, and Xbox version, the developers have launched this famous shooting game in the mobile version. It had more than 50 million downloads on the releasing that continued in a massive number. All features you attempted in the PC version is available in this.

Sonic dash:

This is a great time passing game in which sonic and different characters are designed to sprint on a linear road full of hurdles. The speed of sonic increases with the increase of distance. A lot of concentration is required to run long distances.

The eyes of Ara:

Looking for brain games? Here is a gift for you in the form of this fantastic puzzle game. It was released for the PC but later was also designed for the smartphones. You have to solve different mysteries to move forward in the game.


Games are the best source of entertainment and enjoyment. You can also earn real money just by playing casino games. If you want a practical shooting experience, then the games like PUBG, call of duty, and the second galaxy are the perfect options. Just go and select any of the above game because they are the most popular one in November 2019.

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