Rumble Royale Sets up a Charity Stream for the Taal Victims

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January 24, 2020

Taal volcano’s eruption displaced hundreds of families from their homes and livelihoods. The aftermath leaving them in need of help to rebuild and restart. RUMBLE ROYALE, the biggest gaming community in the Philippines, has initiated FULL SUPPORT: a Charity Stream Event as a way to help the victims of the recent eruption, also showing that (responsible) gaming can be for a greater cause.

RUMBLE ROYALE is no stranger to setting-up benefits and charity events. RUMBLE ROYALE came to be known for events like RIGHTEOUS GLORY, a 72-hour livestream marathon for Save the Children Foundation.

RUMBLE ROYALE’s roster of talents also makes use of their massive online reach to spread awareness, and create impact for various charitable causes. One can recall ChooxTV’s campaign to raise over PHP 158,000 worth of donations for earthquake victims last November 2019.

We have asked our talents to participate and give their FULL SUPPORT towards this cause. They will be doing a-star-for-a-cause livestream from Jan 16, 2020 – Jan 26, 2020 and all Facebook Stars collected during that period will be given to Philippine General Hospital, Department of Surgery, forwarding all the proceeds to helping the victims of the eruption.

Participating Talents:

  1. Alpha Twentyfour
  2. BobongGamer
  3. FrheaJaimil
  4. DrInstinct Gaming
  5. Van Holiday
  6. Worrybear
  7. kuyadenmark101
  8. TV
  9. Icey
  10. Yalu_ok
  11. Lovie
  12. enzotense
  13. Jules Carmann
  14. Salty Salad Bonbon
  15. Razzie Binx
  16. ZEN Pro Gaming
  17. LouRaux TV
  19. Exile Giee
  21. Karlo Gaming
  22. VMiguel Gonzales
  23. Peinn
  24. LadymadeStar
  25. Jayzee Gaming
  26. suzzysaur
  27. Moymoy Palaboy
  28. ilyngaming

All the proceeds generated by FULL SUPPORT will go to the Philippine General Hospital, Department of Surgery’s efforts to help and support the victims of the eruption. The relief provided by the Philippine General Hospital will come in forms of

  1. Medicine and Medical items such as disposable masks, rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, etc.
  2. Sanitary items such as tissue, soap, toothpaste, sanitary pads, etc.
  3. Bottled water in 1-liter bottles
  4. Ready-to-eat and non-perishable food such as canned goods, bread, biscuits, noodles, rice, etc.


The last day of the fundraising drive – January 26, will also be a community day wherein community members can go to the venue and give their physical non-monetary donations in forms of

  1. Feeding bottles
  2. Wipes
  3. Diapers
  4. Blankets
  5. Clothes
  6. Slippers / Footwear.
  7. Rice, ready-to-eat and non-perishable food
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