Shadow Seven starts Pre-Registration in More Countries

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February 10, 2020

Shadow Seven starts its pre-registration in a few more countries this month. Pre-registered players will receive exclusive rewards during the pre-registration period including Royal Boxes, Costumes, and Gems.

The pre-registration will be available on all Android devices in Korea, USA, and Taiwan. Pre-registration on iOS is currently unavailable. Pre-registration rewards can be acquired altogether. (AOS & iOS)

More than 1000 pre-registered users will receive a free costume for Geros: Mechanic Geros. Players worldwide will receive x1 Royal Box if the global Facebook page reaches 2500 likes. They will also receive 1000 Gems if the Shadow Seven YouTube channel reaches 1000 subscribers. Rewards will be given to all pre-registered players after February 27, as long as conditions are met.

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Register now to receive all the awesome rewards on Shadow Seven’s official launch in your country! Shadow Seven is looking forward to launching in more countries around the world in the near future.

For more details about the pre-registration, click the link below:

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