Our Top 5 MUST BUY’s from Winter WonFes 2020

Written by Louis

February 11, 2020

Walking in a winter wonder geek shopping spree.

Love month is here and it’s not just for the intimate geek couples as the Winter WonFes 2020 also ignites our love for collectibles with a fresh new lineup of figures, toys, and model kits are unveiled and teased by some of our favorite licensed manufacturers.  Of course, just like any relationship that took a wrong turn, these releases will definitely hurt, our wallet that is, but since we are built to endure the pain in exchange for a lifetime’s worth of pleasure, the sacrifices are well worth it especially when you know that your favorite Nendoroid would never ever EVER leave your side (as long as you take good care of it of course).

With such a seemingly huge addition to the different lines of collectibles, choosing the right one might be hard but don’t fret as we’re here to help you sort out some of the best picks from the winter wonderland of husbandos and waifus.

Note: Actual designs of some of these collectible picks are still subject to change and availability. As WonFes is also a platform for manufacturers to showcase potential additions to their product lineup, there is still a (very slight) chance that these said figures and collectibles might not go into production at all, but don’t worry, your 2D waifu and husbando will still be there for you. Also, please take note that we’re focusing on 

Prime 1 Studio’s Joker

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The leader of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts is back as with the much-anticipated global release of Persona 5 Royal gives birth to this new figure by Prime 1 Studio. Initially known for their huge line of scale figures based on popular Western Pop Culture characters, Prime 1 Studio has built a great reputation when it comes to the quality of their products and has also had their hand on Anime and Video Game based figures teaming up with franchises and brands such as the Dragon Ball Series, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Berserk and even Kojima Productions. Together with their great reputation for quality though also comes great pricing and stating that Prime 1 Studio’s figures are for those with deep pockets would somehow sound like an understatement.

Price: TBD
Release Date: TBD
Where to buy: Prime 1 Studio Website 

Nendoroid Inuyasha

The 90’s kids favorite half-demon is making a comeback! After proving that he is still as popular as ever based on the results of Goodsmile’s Nendoroid survey late last year, the prototype model to the Inuyasha Nendoroid is finally unveiled and boi does he already scream mighty need.  Of course there are some who might argue that the Tetsusaiga feels small, even by Nendoroid standards, but what the hell, if there’s anything lacking with this one it’s the fact that it doesn’t come with the full gang and Sesshomaru….yet?

Price: TBD
Release Date: TBD
Where to buy: GoodSmile Company

Kotobukiya Zero from Rockman X

He’s cool, he’s got the edge, and he’s getting the PlaMo treatment from Kotobukiya. That’s right lads, Zero from the Rockman (or Mega Man) franchise is arriving later this year with the colored prototype finally unveiled. Talking about cool, Zero will come with multiple Z-Saber variants which can be used to create dynamic poses and can light up using batteries. Also, take note though that as this one gets the PlaMo treatment, some assembly will be required, and, perhaps just like their Frame Arms line, expect a couple of tiny pieces that you would have to put together and handle with care.

Price: JPY 6,600
Release: June 2020
Where to Buy: Kotobukiya Store Page

MODEROID Scherazade from The Vision of Escaflowne

Okay, so 1.) We love Mechas, 2.) I personally love The Vision of Escaflowne despite quite the majority of people not knowing what it is or even half-remembering what it was all about so I’m just glad that it’s getting more love in the modern times through the form of collectibles. This one, the Scherazade, piloted by Allen Schezar, love-rival(?) of Van Fanel, is one of the series titular Guymelef’s first introduced as an opponent and then ally in the series 26-episode run. While MODEROID qualities may vary from one model to another, the Scherazade is still a great addition to the lone Escaflowne MODEROID and, who knows, it might just be posable enough for you to recapture some of the Scherazade vs Escaflowne duel scenes from the anime.

Price: TBD
Release Date: TBD
Where to Buy: TBD

POP UP PARADE Megumin from Konosuba Legend of Crimson


EXPLOSION! After seeing the success of saving her village it’s just fitting that the KonoSuba series’ BEST GIRL (yeah, that’s right, I said it, no one else matters) should have her own new figure based on the Legend of Crimson film. Although still in its prototype stage, this one is already a must grab for KonoSuba fans, unless of course, you prefer to a useless pile of blue plastic that was also unveiled together with this figure. Also, POP UP PARADE figures are not that heavy on pricing so you definitely might want to check this one out.

Price: TBD (Expected to sit around JPY 3,400 – 3,500)
Release Date: TBD
Where to buy: TBD

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