Another 5 Video Games for Couples: 2020 Edition

Written by Chad

February 14, 2020

Nothing beats sharing a night of satisfying victories with your significant other in a dungeon raid or boss battle.

It’s that time of the year once again as cheap motels are fully booked and a bouquet of roses is more expensive than your annual Netflix subscription. It’s Valentine’s day and you better prepare a special time with your significant other or your current date, but instead of going out for an extravagant dinner, you both decided just to spend the whole night playing games together. Now it may not sound so romantic to some, but if both of you would rather have great bonding moments together through video games, then, by all means, go for it. Now finding a great selection of games will be important, so we’re here to help you in picking the best ones (you can also check out our 2019 Edition for more selections), and we’ll be selecting games that are more on cooperation rather than being competitive and at the same time, are easy to play from the getgo. So order your food take-outs and ready the wine, or beer or whatever drink you both fancy and let’s begin.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC)

A fun yet colorful couch game that can be played up to four players, you and your partner explore the vast space of the galaxy with your giant neon spaceship. The setting may sound so relaxing until you have to escape from the clutches of evil aliens of the Anti-Love, navigating rough terrains and rescuing space bunnies, but the fun part begins when you have to man your spaceship by controlling each of the stations to keep your ship from falling apart. You and your partner will have to run around the ship to control it, that means you need to toggle from using the turrets to fend off against the evil forces, manning the bridge to control the ship’s movements, checking on the engines to make sure the shields are intact and so on, communication and synchronization is the key and it will be a great challenge for the both of you, or better, bring your couple friends and have a double date co-op session together.

Dragon’s Crown Pro (PlayStation 4)

If you prefer a classic beat ’em up game for a good old sidescrolling action, then this is a good pick. Dragon’s Crown Pro is an updated version of the Vanillaware PS3 co-op title with updated visuals, it’s a bit of a Dungeons & Dragons vibe but pure action. You can choose from different character classes with unique abilities and take on quests in challenging the massive bosses in the game, while earning loot as your spoils of war. It’s a fun game if you and your partner in crime would prefer classic gameplay with great artwork, and traversing to each level can be difficult if both of you aren’t working together and utilizing your characters’ abilities, plus it’s a quick game to get used to it since it’s purely hacking and slashing. Bonus if both of you still have the PlayStation Vita and the game itself on the portable console and you can still play together via local AD-HOC.

Borderlands 3 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC)

If shooters are your thing, then Borderlands 3 is a great choice for co-op. With more badassery and gazillions of guns to loot, this game is full of mayhem and has a great co-op function. If you can play with two PC or laptops if both of you have the rig, or just go for a simple co-op couch session with a split-screen mode on the console (and also for PC). Hop into different planets and choose from the four all-new Vault Hunters with different play styles.  What makes this a fun first-person shooter is that it has RPG elements that really lets you experiment with the characters and weapons, plus you can even trade some gear to your partner, more loot for everyone. With a new feature that scales the game difficulty and stats to the player with the lowest level, your overpowered partner won’t mop the entire level with ease (of course you can still toggle it to the classic setting if you just plan on power leveling) and instead give it more of a challenge to beat the mobs.

Diablo III/ Torchlight 2 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC)

If you and your loved one are into roleplaying games, nothing beats an endless dungeon crawling with a partner, all for the glory of loot and gold. We picked two games for a single as both Torchlight 2 and Diablo III plays pretty much the same and we’ll let you pick on which of the two you would prefer. Go on for an epic quest as you explore dungeons and conquer diabolic foes and collect the rarest and most powerful gear, and slay together with your darling. There are different character classes to experiment and tougher demons to slay, so gear up and tag your partner for an epic adventure. We wouldn’t recommend going for the PC version (especially for Diablo III since it requires constant internet connection), so we suggest you go for the consoles so you can have a co-op session in a single screen, or if both of you have the Switch version, you can play cooperatively on wireless multiplayer with 2 Switch consoles.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne/ Generations Ultimate (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC / Switch)

Maybe the two of you are into monster-slaying and love the thrill of the hunt, then perhaps the Monster Hunter series may fancy you. A more hardcore game of boss battles but in a form of massive monsters, Monster Hunter games don’t put you in a test of having the best gear, but rather having the best skills and endurance. Choose your preferred weapon and challenge your way through different monsters in a handful of locales to explore, slay these behemoths and carve their carcasses to forge powerful weaponry to challenge the tougher ones. Since these two games are both from the same franchise, we let you choose on which from the two depending on your gaming setup, if have two consoles or laptop/PC, then Iceborne is a top choice, but if this demands too much space, you can opt for Generations Ultimate with just two Switch consoles. Now party up with your partner and time for some monster-slaying sessions.

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