Is Horizon: Zero Dawn coming to the PC?

A now-deleted listing from Amazon France suggests that one of the PS4’s biggest hits is coming to the PC platform.

A surprise discovery just mere days before its global release anniversary would lead a lot to think that the PS4 hit Horizon: Zero Dawn is coming to the PC. In a post by ResetEra user Stygr, an Amazon France listing for the game was seemingly up for a few hours before being finally taken down which had the game, although lacking in any cover art or image, put under the Windows platform.

As Amazon is not really that known as a platform for digital games, this listing also suggests that the game is getting a Physical Release copy for Windows, with the digital copy via digital distribution platforms to also be highly likely. A Sony PlayStation 4 exclusive (but maybe not for long?), Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of the PS4’s most critically acclaimed releases selling over 10 million copies worldwide ever since its full global release back in March 2017. In addition to its high sales count, Horizon: Zero Dawn is also well received by critics with many of its strong points include the combat variety and rewarding exploration.

No actual confirmation or even a release date (obviously) has been made by both Sony and Guerilla Games yet so in the meantime, you can check out our review of Horizon: Zero Dawn for the PlayStation 4.

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