Calling all Resistance: Return to Fincon’s Angel Stone!

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February 28, 2020

Heed the Resistance’s call! Return to Angel Stone, one of the greatest hack-and-slash mobile MMORPG developed by Fincon! Earn a chance to win exclusive in-game rewards when you participate in Angel Stone’s Weekend Events, Spring Events, Limited-time Events, and more!

Angel Stone’s Weekend Events are packed with tons of useful boosts and discounts for players to use over the weekend! The “Gold Fiesta” event gives players a 2x Gold Boost on all Missions. Meanwhile, the “EXP Boost” event gives a 2x EXP Boost on all Missions. If you want to save more on items, the “Reinforcement Cut” event gives all players a 30% Discount on Equipment Reinforcement. For players who enjoy Party Missions, the “Sta-Minus” gives players a minus 2 Stamina discount on Party Missions.

Springtime is also filled with lots of rewarding events for Angel Stone players! Win up to 11,000 Carats (worth $85 USD) in the “Recruit Members of the Resistance” event. Receive free Stamina and Gold when you enter the coupon code available in the “Spring Special Code” event. Log in daily to win exclusive rewards from the “Spring Special Login Event”. Finally, enjoy generous boosts and discounts through the “Spring Special Double Double Events”.

As a special reward for your return to Angel Stone, all players will receive 5,000 Carats daily from February 28 to March 1 in the “Big Carat Giveaway” event! Players can get an additional 5,000 Carats if they share the event on Facebook. Visit the official Facebook page of Angel Stone for more information.

Make your way back to Angel Stone! Fight alongside the Angels! Battle against the Demons! It’s time to settle this once and for all. Download Angel Stone now!

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