[Code Giveaway] Get to know about the Academic Class in World of Dragon Nest

Written by Chad

March 2, 2020

World of Dragon Nest just rolled out early this year and there is no stopping for Nexon as they bring out more content to keep the gamers active. With the latest game update, they introduced a character class that is making a return from their original PC game. The Academic will be powerful jack-of-all-trades character for any party in raid and boss battles, it’s time to learn more about the new class.

Coming from the future, the Academic has a mission where he/she must carry out a mission to save the world by preventing a catastrophe that will eventually happen in the future. Unfortunately the Academic lost his/her memories and now is on a journey to regain the memories to continue the original quest.

The Arsenal

Since the Academic is a time traveler from the future, having advanced weaponry will be a big advantage for their adventures, and not to mention they got some tricks on their sleeves from the future that will help them in their battles. Let’s take a look:

  • Main Weaponry

The Academic attacks in range with his/her trusty weapons; the cannon and kabbalah; which looks like a water container instrument. The cannon can deal decent amount of damage from afar, it has that 3-hit animation before it resets to reload its ammunition despite being infinite ammo. The kabbalah does the same but with a shorter range than the cannon. There different set of skills that utilizes the two weapons along with the game’s unique chain skills mechanic that lets up a powerful variant of the skills when combo’ed together

  • Robot Alfredo

The big yellow robot can deal some AOE damage when summoned by doing a spinning attack, it can also deal explosive damage at a range with its beam laser

  • Turret and that crazy duck

The Cannon Tower skill is a turret ability that lets you place a cannon turret to deal damage in front of it automatically, a good ability to have during battles with tons of enemies to tackle on. And of course, it’s piloted by some crazy duck.

The duck that pilots the turret is known to have a bit of a crazy side, in which some think it’s a certified troll that is messing around in the area. There’s even a skill where you throw the crazy duck to a target and it unleashes a volt of electricity

Skill features

The Academic boasts a mix of status ailments that makes it an all-around character, it can utilize on stun, freezing, silence, poison and slow. It also has the ability to buff your team that can protect them or heal them. Having a robot and turret as your summon skills will make things easier in dungeon raid or just plain grinding for your level

Being a ranged character has its benefits, as you can deal AOE damage from afar and have your summons distract the enemies and avoid getting aggro’ed

When compared with other Classes

As to who from the character classes is the best choice, we compared the Academic with the rest. Though the Archer was more effective in avoiding attacks, the Academic has the farthest range from all the classes, even outmatching the Archer itself. The Academic only place in the second spot when it comes to area of effect and crowd control skills as the Sorceress and Slayer tops those categories.

Role in a party

Despite having a diverse range of skills, the Academic plays more of a support role in parties. The advantage of being an Academic is the healing buffs, with a shorter cooldown time, it makes it a versatile ability in tough situations, add with the ability to remove debuffs to keep the team alive.

Is it OP?

Some would argue that this is in fact the most powerful class so in the game. It has the best range as compared to the Archer, and has a wide range of skills that could rival the Sorceress. It can switch up on support mode in a party or switch to offensive and can dish out damage to clear out a pile of monsters. So anyone who is familiar with MMORPGs especially in World of Dragon Nest that they’ll create a new character for the Academic and start challenging other players for glory in PvP mode.

If you’re pretty much excited on the Academic, be sure to get into the game right now as the new character class is now available. And as a bonus, we’ll have a code giveaway courtesy of Nexon to give you a couple of random goodies when redeemed in the game.

Academic Random Box

Opening the box will obtain a random item from the listed items below

  • HP Elixir x50
  • HP Elixir x100
  • Beginner Mount Growth Potion x5
  • Beginner Pet Growth Potion x5
  • Normal Resurrection Scroll x5
  • FTG Potion (S) x1
  • Costume Gacha Ticket x1
  • Costume Gacha Ticket x3
  • Lord Of Gold Dragon x145 piece

Log in to the game and to the settings then user and

Take note that 1 code will work per account, so don’t be greedy on them codes.


For iOS device users, you can redeem the code by following these instructions

  • Link your account through your Google or Facebook account
  • Download an Android emulator such as Nox or Bluestacks
  • Use the coupon code
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