Smash World Tour for Ultimate and Melee announced

Written by Louis

March 2, 2020


As Nintendo continues to just hover around but ultimately step away from the professional circuit of their iconic fighting game series, the community has once again taken it to themselves to further develop its pro scene this time by way of the Smash World Tour.

Conceptualized and now plan to be executed by the people behind Super Smash Con and VG Boot Camp, the Smash World Tour will be a global professional circuit featuring Smash Ultimate and Melee, with sanctioned tournaments held in the US, Europe, Asia, Oceania and even South America. Just like any other FG pro tour, the Smash World Tour will have different tournament tiers, both for Melee and Ultimate, each with their own corresponding point values. At the finals event, which will take place in December 2020, the 31 players that have earned the highest points plus the winner of a Last Chance Qualifier event will then compete for the lion’s share of the USD 250,000 prize pool.

The Smash World Tour will kick-off this March with the first tournament to be held at CEO Dreamland in Orlando, Florida USA. For the full schedule, you may check out the Smash World Tour official website.

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