Nintendo Drops surprise Nintendo Direct Mini: Xenoblade Chronicles release date, Bravely Default II, Bioshock and More!

Written by Franz Chan

March 27, 2020

Nintendo Directs are always something to look forward to. And fans have been waiting for a long time since Nintendo gave us a full blown one. Thankfully, the rumors were true and just when it didn’t seem like it was gonna happen, Nintendo dropped a big bombshell with a surprise Nintendo Direct Mini!

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition launches on May 29, 2020!

The modern Wii classic Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition was first announced last year. Now close to its tenth anniversary, the game has been remade from the ground up with modern visuals, more streamlined gameplay and an additional epilogue chapter featuring more adventures from Shulk.

The game certainly looks amazing and it’s a beloved classic that RPG fans should look forward to playing whether it’s the first time or for those who want to experience it all over again.


2k Games Announces Bioshock: The Collection, Borderlands: Legendary Collection and XCOM2 Collection for Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo finally gets its fill of Big Daddy action with Bioshock: The Collection which features the original, classic Bioshock, Bioshock 2, and the unforgettable story of Booker Dewitt in Bioshock Infinite. These are some can’t miss experiences of the previous generation for those who haven’t played it. It’s funny how technology now allows them to be playable on a portable console.

Next up is THE looter shooter series Borderlands now coming to Switch. Fans may remember the ill-fated Borderlands 2 port for Vita, but 2k seeks to redeem itself on the portable end with the original Borderlands, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 2 where you can re-live the open world fun and zany characters. It may not be the newest entry in the series, but the option of bringing Borderlands with you on the go (with a proper port), is very enticing.

2k also brings their excellent XCOM 2 Collection (which will probably include all of the DLC) to the Switch. The brutal strategy game is known for tearing your emotions apart but the satisfying gameplay will definitely be one to look forward to on the Switch. Hopefully it will include touch controls too.


Bravely Default 2 gets more details, and a demo for the game is Live now!

Fans of the beloved 3DS series rejoiced when Bravely Default II was announced for the Switch last year, and now we get more details in this brand new trailer complete with gameplay and story showcasing more of that gorgeous art style as it nears its release this year. Also they dropped a demo to entice fans who might look forward to it. Head to the eshop if you have a Switch to try the game!


A new Clubhouse Games is coming to the Switch!

The original Clubhouse Games was an excellent time killer on the Nintendo DS – and now Nintendo is reviving the franchise for the Switch. Now featuring 51 games both from the original game, brand new card games, board games and even beloved modes from Wii Play such as the Tank Battle, Bowling, Toy Tennis and even Mancala (Sungka) for the traditionalists out there.

Complete with 2 player touch controls. This seems like an excellent family and friends game and there looks to be something for all ages in this very robust collection. Online Play and Local Wireless is also supported. This is looking to be an excellent addition to any Switch owner’s library as it brings back some of the Wii mini game classics in addition to plenty of new experiences.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons New Content and Pokemon: Sword and Shield Expansions add more content to the console’s biggest selling games

Animal Crossing: New Horizons just came out but Nintendo is not resting on the laurels of their big sales. They showed off the upcoming “Bunny Day” Easter content in April and announced that new updates are also coming for future events and for even more content. If you’re enjoying your Quarantine in a deserted island, there’s a lot more to look forward to as Nintendo continues to add content to the beloved game.

The big news about Pokemon Sword and Shield’s expansions was dropped earlier this year, and now we get to see some of the content that they teased. A Pokemon Dojo, Challenge Towers, 2 ways to evolve Kubfu, lots of new cosmetic options, and the Gigantamax moves for the 3 starters in Sword and Shield. The first DLC was also given a release date of June. We’re still not quite sure how big the extent of the expansions are, but it does look like it will probably be worth it for fans of the base game.


Ring Fit Adventure is getting a Rhythm Game Mode and a Jogging Mode!


One of the surprise hits of last year, Ring Fit Adventure is a different, innovative take on workout games and the best gamification of a workout RPG by any company yet, despite all of the surprisingly robust content already included in the game, Nintendo is adding what looks like a very intense cardio workout in the Rhythm game mode and the much requested, much looked forward to Jogging mode and the best part is that they’re out right now!

As an owner of the game, I am definitely looking forward to (and dreading) the rhythm game mode which looks like a lot of intense fun. The jogging mode is a godsend as this it’s one of the best parts of the game without being interrupted by the battles. I’m personally really glad that Nintendo is adding even more to their very innovative take on this genre.


Much more to look forward to in 2020!

The Nintendo Direct Mini was certainly a pleasant surprise. It may not have all of the big bombshells (that’s reserved for the non-Mini’s) but it was a solid on new trailers from upcoming big games and remasters and games that are coming to a Nintendo platform for the first time.

There’s much more content that won’t be having its own section such as Panzer Dragoon: Remake which is out right now, Star Wars: Jedi Academy out right now (complete with multiplayer), Star Wars: Pod Racer, Burnout Paradise Remastered, and Catherine Full Body also coming out on Switch.

Another thing to look forward to is that Nintendo has announced that the 6th DLC Character for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is going to be from the ARMS game which is something else to look forward to. This sounds like they might be building hype the next installment of the franchise as well.

The Switch is poised towards a big year for Nintendo and with this slate of solid reveals and announcements. Add to the huge spike in recent sales due to Animal Crossing and people scrambling for Switches before they go on Quarantine and hopefully once the challenging times are over, there will be lots more in store for us.

I am personally looking forward to playing the new game modes in Ring Fit Adventure as well as trying out my hand in the Bravely Default II demo. See you in the next Direct!

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