Mr Driller Drill Land Comes to Nintendo Switch and STEAM in celebration of its 20th Anniversary

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia today announced that Mr. Driller DrillLand will be launching on June 25, 2020 for Nintendo Switch, the launch of Steam version will be confirmed at a later time.

Mr. Driller is an action-puzzle game where players control one of six characters to reach the bottom of the stage by demolishing formations of colored blocks in the playfield. Throughout the game, the character will need to survive by collecting air capsules and avoid falling blocks.

Drill land has five thrilling stages, each with different rules! So get excited and explore the different facets of Drill land!

Celebrate Mr. Driller series’ 20th Anniversary in 2020

The fun and easy-to-play Mr. Driller is beloved by fans around the world and the iconic characters have also made their appearances on housewares. For its 20th Anniversary, the game will be released as a remastered version on Nintendo Switch and Steam, so fans can enjoy the original Mr. Driller Drill Land with upgraded graphics.

Beginners can also enjoy a casual course to get used to the mechanics and controls before moving onto the classic course where the difficulty will mirror the original version.

In addition, Nintendo Switch also supports simultaneous play of up to 4 players, each with their respective Joy-Con. So, play at your own convenience on your own time or play with your friends in the co-op mode.


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