The New Improvements on MU Online’s Gameplay Experience

Written by Chad

April 7, 2020

New features were added to the game that improved the players’ gaming experience.

More than 15 years ago, playing MU Online was a fun experience for dungeon crawling, and considering this the early era for MMORPGs, the grinding was intense as it requires a large amount of time investment. So far after trying the relaunch of MU Online by Playpark, a lot of improvements were added to the game that will help ease your grinding sessions. So it’s time to list them out.

Old UI



Improved UI

One of the things you’ll notice when starting the game is the changes in the user interface. Now sporting an updated look but still maintaining the original aesthetics that reflect the medieval fantasy theme. Though improving the UI had a long set of adjustments during the course of its 15-year life, MU Online added more functions as new content updates arrived, and after dozens of major updates, we finally get to see the updated look.

Map function

One good feature that they finally added to the game was the map. In earlier versions, players have to rely on the map coordinates that was displayed on the upper left corner of the screen for good spots for leveling and grinding, or in some cases where do their other party members to meet up. All the necessary information on key locations can be found on the map, including NPCs.

Quest bar

In the early versions of the game, quests were non-existent, leaving players to just focus on leveling their characters and let their imagination build their own adventure. Now with the recent updates, MU Online has a ton of quests that help it explain the lore of the continent of MU.

The Quest feature provides all the available quests that players can take in which they can be rewarded with EXP and Zen plus other items. It has the standard tutorial quests that are progressive in teaching the basics of the game, then there are the story quests that you can talk to NPCs in towns and the daily quests that you can accomplish each day for bonus perks.

Auto move

With the inclusion of the quest feature, one of the great additions to it is the Auto-move function. When accepting quests, you can let the system move you to the designated area automatically, which makes it hassle-free to players who have to run back and forth to different locations when completing quests.

MU Helper (AFK grinding/farming)

Players find creative ways to grinding in the game without the need to manually control their avatars, and using illegal programs is not part of it. Thanks with the nifty feature in MU Online that allows players to leave their game on AFK and let the automated commands to their thing.

You can adjust the parameters whether your avatar should focus only on regular attacks or have specific skills to be used, there is also a limited range for the avatar can attack, so only monsters within that range that they can attack, and in case the avatar would go drifting away from the area, the MU Helper will automatically bring it back to the original location, so fewer headaches of getting your avatars killed from high-level monsters.


With the new qualities of life improvements on MU Online, returning players will have an easier time to reach to the highest level to compete and enjoy their game with their fellow guildmates.

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