Manasis Refrain’s Official Website and Twitter Page Now Online

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April 10, 2020

WEBZEN announced the opening of the official website and Twitter page of its upcoming mobile adventure-packed RPG Manasis Refrain.

The publisher Webzen and the developer Inutan are currently preparing to launch Manasis Refrain. It will be launching in Japan first and be published by Webzen Japan. Manasis Refrain is a mobile adventure-packed RPG, which contains stories filled with adventure and great excitement of participating in battles with diverse characters. To share all of the special news and information about the upcoming title, the official website and Twitter page opened to all players.

Through the official website, information such as the game’s storyline, characters, and the gameplay map will be available for players to dive into. Manasis Refrain’s adventure will begin with an invitation from Theodoric Academy in Hakoniwashima Island. As players reach the island, they will have the chance to train in academies, meet different kinds of characters, and explore the exciting journey.

With the opening of the official website and Twitter page, three characters, Mildred, Seraphina, and Gilberta will be introduced. All characters will have different races and jobs, so for additional details, please check out the website. Also, the Manasis Refrain team has more characters scheduled to be released later on, so keep a close eye out on upcoming news.

Furthermore, the Twitter page for Manasis Refrain is open to all users to communicate about various information regarding the game. New updates on Manasis Refrain such as the detailed schedules regarding pre-registration, launching date, and more will be uploaded on the Twitter page. It will be connected to the official website, so players can be easily updated on either platform.

To take a close look at the details and news of the upcoming Manasis Refrain, feel free to visit the official website and Twitter. The official website provides English and Japanese, while the Twitter page is available only in Japanese.

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