5 Best Anime About Student Life

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April 14, 2020

Anime cartoons captivated the attention of many countries around the globe. There are solid reasons for this! Anime is very multifaceted – you can find different genres of it! Are you into some sentimental stuff? Or, maybe, you are crazy about action fantasy cartoons? Here, we will discuss the top 5 anime about student life.

Sure, it’s spring outside, and you have tons of homework or have to prepare for a module test. Nonetheless, you also need some rest! Whether you are from Canada and sunny Italy, take some time to enjoy animes school days. Looking through the reviews of the writers, we defined five leading:

  •   Steins;Gate
  •   Great Teacher Onizuka
  •   Run With the Wind
  •   Daily Lives of High School Boys
  •   The Tatami Galaxy

Steins;Gate – writing messages via microwave with science guys

The plot of Steins;Gate turns around a group of students-scientists whose knowledge leads to an endless number of adventures. The characters of this anime about college life are ordinary students who do their homework and write some paper or essay. But when studies are over, they play with the most powerful thing – time.

The kids find out how to use a microwave to send messages through the ages! The plot gains momentum as some notes can change the historical timeline. Every time the characters face some new situation, they also have to deal with eternal philosophical and moral dilemmas. The cartoon is spectacular and hilarious. It deserves to be on your list.

Outstanding teacher-student anime – Great Teacher Onizuka

In the limelight of the series, there is a man named Onizuka. The character has some criminal history behind and a great desire to spread some life knowledge to the growing generation. The cartoon explores the way the country changes, and the entire governmental system, in general, affects the lives of the students.

The teaching path is a means to pay for past mistakes and become useful for society. Onizuka resorts to the odd and outdated in the service of kids’ enlightenment. The teenagers learn something new throughout the cartoon. They also find out about outside life. Indeed, excellent teacher-student relationship anime.

Run With the Wind – anime students and sport

Kiyose Haiji, the major character, is into one affair. Specifically, the boy wants to participate in a famous Hakone Ekiden Marathon. The only problem is that he is not that physically prepared. While the task is tough and presupposes some planning, Kiyose does not lose courage. Together with his fellows, he creates a crafty scheme on how to become a worthy competitor for the experienced participants. This anime will be interesting for those who know what it means to chase the dream and stay the course.

Daily Lives of High School Boys

The title of the series speaks for itself. In the center of the cartoon, there are high school friends who get into the most different situations. The anime is funny and reminds you of your school routine.

The characters act the way you may act, make some dumb mistakes the way any of us does.

Sometimes school boys can pay for essays using a paper writing service to go to the party in the evening. Why not pay if it takes much time to write an essay, while pretty high school girls are waiting for you?

Well, they are not partying all the time; studies also take a big bulk of the plot. The main point is that it is interesting to watch. You may recognize yourself in, at least, one of the characters for sure.

Philosophical anime set in college – The Tatami Galaxy

The main character Watashi starts his long journey of a student’s life. Here, you will find despair, ridiculous situations, crazy parties, and sleepless nights of studies. The series demonstrates how Watashi discovers himself via all the campus and university events.

What is most exciting about it is that the character continually questions his actions. He imagines alternative solutions and decisions and the ways these can affect him. Despite the philosophical zest, the anime is rather light and full of hope. In a nutshell, it is an excellent portrayal of the transitional period of teen ages.


This is it! Now you know the best five animes about one of the most exciting periods of our lives – students’ years. No matter which you decide to watch first, each of these is worthy in equal measure. Be sure, this list will give you a push to go on and explore other cartoons in the nearest future.

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