Defend your Favorite Trigun Character from Bounty Hunters!

gumi Inc. is proud to announce the arrival of TRIGUN in BRAVE FRONTIER. From April 15th to May 06th, 2020, Summoners can look forward to summoning their favourite TRIGUN characters and collecting various rewards available during the collaboration.

Below, we have listed the highlights of what Summoners can expect from this collaboration:


Meet your favourite TRIGUN characters as they make a surprise entrance through the vortex and have landed themselves into the world of Grand Gaia

  • TRIGUN Summon Units – During this period, Summoners can summon for their favourite TRIGUN units:
    • Vash the Stampede
    • Meryl & Milly
    • Nicholas D. Wolfwood
    • Legato Bluesummers
  • TRIGUN Summon Units – Login for 10 days and participate in the limited time collaboration special dungeons, and be rewarded with:
    • Millions Knives


  • TRIGUN Chamber 
  • Challenge Dungeons
  • Rountine Bounties
  • Frontier Spire


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