Summoners War Showcases its 6th Anniversary Cinematic Video

Com2uS revealed the cinematic video that announces the opening of the big event prepared to celebrate Summoners War’s 6th anniversary on the 10th.

Com2uS uploaded the Summoners War 6th anniversary cinematic video in full version on Summoners War Official YouTube channel to announce the upcoming big event where 100 Mystical Scrolls are available.

The cinematic video shows the battle scene against the giant raid boss of the Rift of Worlds in the game with colorful 3D graphics. The video shows a sharp contrast between the giant boss and a single monster fighting against the boss, 100 monster getting constantly summoned to defeat the raid boss together and the emphasized text of Free 100 Mystical Scrolls, raising the expectation from users.

On the 3rd and 7th, Com2uS has released teaser images and video inferring number 6 and 100 in the game and global community channels and drew attention from the users from all over the world

Shortly after the video reveal, many users showed a great expectation of what’s coming to the game. Users from all over the world shared hundreds of posts inferring teaser meanings in the official community. Global influencers also uploaded videos on their channel and led the users to comment on the videos and sharing comments.

Com2uS has created a Summonerversary emblem (Summoner + Anniversary) in time of its 6th anniversary in a way to show appreciation to users who have been playing the game for the past 6 years.

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