Jill Valentine joins the Survivors in Resident Evil Resistance

New content update for Resident Evil Resistance is available now, bringing with it a new playable Survivor: the one and only Jill Valentine! Fully utilize her skills learned from military specialist training to escape from the nightmare once again! New playable Mastermind character: Nicholai Ginovaef will join in May as well.

Jill Valentine now playable as Survivor in Resident Evil Resistance

Former S.T.A.R.S. specialist Jill was suspended and ordered to stay in her home when her R.P.D. supervisor discovered she was investigating Umbrella’s illegal activities. Jill began having horrific “dreams” involving a group of young strangers and unfathomable terrors. Gradually, she began to realize that the never-ending loop of nightmares is in fact very, very real.

Skill: Samurai Edge

Switches weapon to Samurai Edge. This powerful weapon is highly precise, deals massive damage and has ample knockback power.

Personal Skill: Evade

Jill can swiftly dodge enemy attacks.

More new content is on the way!

In May, look forward to new equipment and skills for the Survivors and Mastermind, along with a new playable Mastermind character: Nicholai Ginovaef!And please stay tuned for more updates from June!

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