Project Xandata announces 2-week Open Beta for EU and will be Free To Play on release

Written by Louis

April 24, 2020

The release of Secret6’s anticipated fast-paced shooter is looming on the horizon.

After quite a long period of silence, news broke out early this week regarding Project Xandata, a skill-based shooter developed in the Philipines by Secret6 Inc, detailing an Open Beta phase for EU players. Posted through social media by its European publisher IDC Games, Project Xandata’s EU Open Beta will last for 2 weeks starting on April 23, 2020.

While the news comes as a welcome surprise, there are a few things to note regarding this new phase for Project Xandata. First, together with its seemingly EU only OBT, the game features a direct client download in contrast to utilizing Steam as its distribution platform which it did during its 2017 CBT phase done here in the Philippines. Also, while originally showcased as a 5v5 game the EU OBT release, and as well as the trailer above, indicates that the number of players is chopped down to 3v3 although the general gameplay seems to still remain the same. Additionally, it would seem that the game is going for the Free To Play route on release so we could be expecting cosmetics and a Battle Pass system in terms of monetized content.

Project Xandata first caught the eyes of the public when it was showcased by Secret6 Inc in ESGS 2016 where it instantly became the talk of the town. The game features fast-paced action reminiscent of Quake and mixes in elements from hero shooters with various abilities and as well as a loadout system for weaponry.


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