Total Tank Simulator is Totally About Tanks And So Much More

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April 28, 2020

There’s a lot to be tankful for with 505 Games and developer Noobz From Poland set to release Total Tank Simulator on Steam for PC Wednesday, May 20. Offering players a unique way to experience some of the most pivotal moments in world history, Total Tank Simulator is a battle simulation game offering an explosive combination of physics-based gameplay and historically accurate content (sort of).

Total Tank Simulator is a passion project brought to life from Warsaw, Poland based studio Noobz from Poland and began as a small scale handcrafted demo released in 2016 which quickly drew the attention of players around the world for its clever and entertaining mix of world history and casual battle sim gameplay. That experience has since evolved into Total Tank Simulator and is rolling out a full launch packed with three exciting game modes and dozens of totally destructible maps through the lens of six nations, each with a unique campaign.

Players will take on the role of a commander of one of six nations in each campaign, strategically deploying massive armies before watching the physics-based engine playout the battle with real-world accuracy. Setting itself apart from other genre titles, Total Tank Simulator encourages players to be a part of the action, allowing direct control of individual units – from tanks and planes to snipers, soldiers and more.

Each battle in Total Tank Simulator is a unique experience to players and offers high replay value with more than 50 maps to choose from. Hundreds of historical and classified units and weapons are carefully detailed with environments that are completely destructible from the Sahara Desert to the green fields of Europe and the snowy plains of Russian Taiga and beyond.

Three distinct gameplay modes will appeal to different styles of gameplay and will challenge players to be strategic and creative, including Sandbox Mode, Shadow Mode and Campaign Mode each with six historical nations to play as.

After years of development shaped by community feedback, Total Tank Simulator will be available on the Steam for PC on Wednesday, May 20 for SGD19.99/ VND188,000/ THB289/ PHP449.95/ MYR49.00/ IDR108,999. Players can save 10% off by purchasing Total Tank Simulator during the games launch week, a resulting reward of 505 Games’ wish list campaign which enabled the community of players on Steam to unlock tiers of rewards:

  • 50K wish lists = Secret Weapons or Special Tactics units will be available for each of the original factions
  • 75K wish lists = Secret Weapons or Special Tactics units + Officer Units + 10% release discount (1 week)
  • 150K wish lists = Secret Weapons or Special Tactics units + Officer Units + 25% release discount (1 week)

Players can still achieve the final reward of 25% off if cleared prior to launch. To help take control of the price, visit Total Tank Simulator  on Steam and wishlist today. For more information about 505 Games and its products, please visit

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