We are Finally Getting a Rayearth Mecha Figure

Written by Chad

May 7, 2020

Prepare yourselves, this upcoming figure is about to rattle your big fat wallets

Magic Knight Rayearth is one of those classic anime that combined Mahou Shoujo (Magical Girl), Isekai and Mecha into one, and was one of the favorites in the ’90s. Max Factory already released the Figma figures for the three main protagonists but we haven’t received a proper release for their three legendary guardians of Cephiro. That is until now.

Sentinel Toys, who become popular with collectors for their releases of Mega Man X, Iron Man, GaoGaiGar and other super robots in die-cast figures that are fully articulated, just announced that they will be releasing a Rayearth figure under their Riobot line.

Hikaru’s legendary flame guardian Rayearth will be getting the Riobot treatment for this release. The Flame God Rayearth figure will have die-cast metal parts on its body with a lot of points of articulation from those epic poses. It will also include several accessories such as the sword and shield as well as flame effect parts. Flame God Rayearth will be available on January 2021 for only (drumrolls*) JPY 25,850 (wallet faints*), you can starting preordering from your favorite online hobby shops for a slot.

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