Cytus II Version 3.1 Adds New Songs

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May 11, 2020

Cytus II updates to version 3.1, adding the maimai DX+ collaboration song pack to the game. Players can purchase the maimai DX+ song pack from the in-game Black Market.

The maimai DX+ song pack includes 5 songs, including “超常マイマイン”, “D✪N’T ST✪P R✪CKIN’”, “Caliburne ~Story of the Legendary sword~”, “Oshama Scramble!”, and “Glorious Crown”. Rayark stated that through this collaboration, they hope players have a ton of fun playing the songs.

Besides the song pack update, although the main storyline of Cytus II came to an end at the end of March, supplementary content for the main storyline has been added to version 3.1. The development team promised that they’ll continue toadd supplementary content to the storyline, allowing players to get a better understanding of the story.


Version 3.1 Supplementary Plot Outline:

Time winds back; a piece of the story from before the conclusion is unveiled:

In the later years of N.A.702, Node 08 was in the calm before the storm. Drones were losing control frequently, but the reason why had yet to be uncovered. There were plenty of guesses and conspiracies appearing on iM. The shadow in people’s mind loomed larger and larger. Under these circumstances, “she” was taking action in the depths of night……

Cytus II Version 3.1 also added the renowned song “conflict”, which has appeared in other Rayark games. Players will be able to play this song through the free character, Ivy. Furthermore, the game also adds a well-known song from the original Cytus, “FREEDOM DiVE”, and players will have the chance to obtain this song from the CAPSO system.

Through this update, players can experience brand-new songs in the game as well as recall pleasant vibes while by playing classic songs in Cytus II.

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