Dragon Blaze Celebrates Five Year Anniversary with New Update

Dragon Blaze, the famous collective RPG game of Gamevil, marks its 5th anniversary with a big update. Let’s take a look at the new update of Dragon Blaze – “Roah Awakened”.

The season 7-3 will be implemented, adding a new exploration area called Noah, new monsters, 2 new allies: Terenas (Paladin) & King Gram (Warrior) and the next part of Dragon Blaze’s immense story.

In addition, the “Auto Adventure System” has been added. This feature will play selected contents out of Daily Dungeon, Dimensional El Dorado, and Orc Fortress automatically for you. The Infinity Summon also is improved with the “Auto summon” system. You can now obtain up to 4 ally cards upon Infinity Summon. (Only 1 El Gaia’s Weapon card will appear)

And to respond to the gamer’s expectation, GAMEVIL also brings a myriad of special events to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Dragon Blaze. Beginning on May 12 and running to July 7, every player will receive the following rewards upon login: [Special Infinity Select Summon X4] x5 , SS El Gaia’s Weapons Summon X5, Affinity Reset Ticket X1 and 250,000 Rubies. Players also can receive a lot of attractive rewards from other activities such as Cake Collecting Event, Special Attendance, or Reward Festival,etc.


You can now download the latest version of Dragon Blaze on:

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