Summoners War Releases Two New Monsters

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June 1, 2020

Com2uS announced that Summoners War: Sky Arena released an update with two new Monsters emphasizing the beauty of Asia artists.

The new Monsters are Art Master, a default 5★ Monster and String Master, a default 4★ Monster. Both Monsters have a splendid and oriental appearance. The beauty was maximized by using various materials such as string instruments, brush, accessories and others.

First, Art Master is a monster that performs skills by drawing with a large brush. The monster is available as Support type with Fire, Water and Dark Attribute, and as the Attack Type with Wind and Light Attribute. The Mark of Brush Tip skill which reduces the enemy’s Attack Bar by half is applied for all attributes, and each attribute possesses unique and powerful skills. String Master is a support type monster that plays a string instrument to create a beautiful melody. The monster has a skill that attacks the enemy to decrease the chance of landing a Glancing Hit for two turns.

Meanwhile, these two Monsters were first introduced via a teaser video before the update. In particular, a short teaser video with the silhouette of monsters with the Korean traditional musical instrument version background music. This attracted global users and raised their curiosity.

Moreover, the update promotion video was released through YouTube, attracting the attention of many users. The video includes the actual gameplay of two Monsters, showing how powerful skills they possess.



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