5 Mecha Games that You Should Play on the Nintendo Switch

Written by Chad

June 11, 2020

The Switch had its fair share of awesome mecha games and we’re here to list out our recommendations

We previously made a feature on mecha games to play on the PlayStation 4, so this time we will tackle the Nintendo Switch for some great recommendations. With the Switch getting more great games from ports of best-sellers to remasters and even original games created just for the console, it’s not a surprise to see some mecha games available for it. So here we are once more to give you some great recommendations with our five picks of awesome mecha games for the Nintendo Switch.

For this list, we’ll be focusing more on action-oriented games that lets you pilot your own mech that lets you go on a rampage against hordes of enemies and allows some elements of customization or upgrades that enhances or changes your mech’s appearance. So sorry no Super Robot Wars or SD Gundam Generations for this list.


An HD remaster of the 2012 PS Vita game, Assault Gunners was given additional levels to conquer and more customization parts to collect. You are part of a peacekeeping group called DAT where you must protect the migrants from Earth in the Mars colony from attacks by the group called ANTS. The game is more of a simplified Armored Core where you complete missions during your campaign, it was fast and fun with 35 levels and a horde game mode for those who want an endless battle. This is a good introduction to mech action games as it also plays well on the Switch.


Project Nimbus: Complete Edition

A Kickstarter game that launched for the PC and then ported for the consoles. In this game, you take your trusty mech called Battle Frame to the skies for a round of high-speed battles. If you are into hyper-fast action, then you should definitely pick this up, with 360 degrees of full control on the movement and wiping out waves of enemies as you avoid their barrage of missiles. With over a dozen Battle Frames to choose from, each can be loaded with different weaponry that will help you with your campaign. And once you’re done with the campaign, you can still take your skills to a challenge with Survival mode and Warfront mode. Any Gundam or Macross fan will surely enjoy Project Nimbus and now that it is also available for the Nintendo Switch.


War Tech Fighters

We’re pretty sure the developers from Drakkar Dev really thought out for the game’s title just to put that acronym, but regardless of the name, War Tech Fighters is still a fun mech game. A classic story of two rebel factions joining forces to defeat an intergalactic empire that is threatening the galaxy with the use of super-powered giant robots called War Techs. The mechs are heavily inspired by the super robots from anime like Getter Robot, Gunbuster and The Big O as well as Hollywood films such as Pacific Rim, with the gameplay that is about all-out destruction towards your enemies. It lets you switch from Third Person to First Person view for more close-up mayhem, there are a ton of weapons to develop and upgrade as you progress through the story missions. If you love the aesthetics of hulking super robots with massive swords that can wipe out an entire army, then you should pick this one up.


Strike Zero Suit: Director’s Cut

Another Kickstarter game that also received a Switch release, but this time the Director’s Cut made a lot of improvements and additions to the original game. Players are in control of a transformable fighter craft called the Strike Suit which allows for different modes that are either focused on power or speed. It focuses more on space dogfights against different fighters and even massive capital ships, which can be destroyed by taking out specific weak points to blow up by section. You’re in for a treat if you love epic space battles either as a starfighter or mech as Strike Suit Zero has it.



A game that has all the best parts from the other games on the list. DAEMON X MACHINA has fast and intense gameplay and awesome mech designs that are customizable that will definitely remind you of the classic Armored Core series which makes a lot of sense since the game was handled by Kenichiro Tsukuda of Armored Core fame. Another reason for mecha fans to love this game as the mech designs were handled by the legendary Shoji Kawamori who created the Macross franchise. Another great feature with DAEMON X MACHINA is the online co-op for up to four players, which most mech games for the Switch lack, so you can bring your friends to your missions and lay waste to your enemies.


BONUS: Pizza Titan Ultra

We feel that we needed to add this on the list as a bonus due to its very wacky setup as a mech game. Pizza Titan Ultra isn’t about fighting an evil empire to save humanity, it’s still about wrecking and smashing, but this time you’ll be delivering pizzas to your hungry customers. It’s doesn’t have the serious and edgy take of the other games listed here and only focused on being hilarious and driven with memes. If you remember games like Crazy Taxi, Pizza Titan Ultra has that similar vibe but you’re just riding a huge robot.

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