5 Years ago, They Announced Final Fantasy VII Remake

Written by Chad

June 16, 2020

It was June 15, 2015, during the Sony PlayStation E3 Press Conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California. The PlayStation 4 was more than a year old since its launch and more epic titles are being revealed at the gaming convention.

Halfway from the presentation, with some initial big reveals such as The Last Guardian from Sony’s Japan Studios and Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn. As then-Vice President of Publisher and Developer Relations of Sony Interactive Entertainment Adam Boyes presented Square Enix’s latest take on the Final Fantasy franchise with World of Final Fantasy, he then shifted to a very familiar background that hardcore fans would easily recognize.

And Boyes started with this statement, “Now many years ago, Square Enix released a groundbreaking title that went on to become one of the most beloved games in PlayStation and video game history.” That was enough to make the crowd roaring with excitement, and a video was presented.

The two-minute trailer was enough to shake the entire world as fans scream, cry and cheer as the trailer finally confirms the remake. Everyone who witnessed the revelation couldn’t believe that it is actually happening, and yes, Final Fantasy VII is coming back as a remake.

The interesting part on the trailer was the narration, as some may though that it was more about the narrative of the game, but rather it’s more about a Meta commentary of the community that was hoping for Final Fantasy VII to get a remake, as many thought it would never happen. Rumors of a remake have been circulation in 2014, but many felt it was not real when a presentation during the 2014 PlayStation Experience revealed the original Final Fantasy VII being ported to the PlayStation 4, leaving fans more devastated and frustrated towards Square Enix.

The reveal was important to the fans, it given them hope that Square Enix is doing something great once more, at this period Squenix was struggling with their games, with the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy being bombed with poor receptions, Final Fantasy XIV getting a major overhaul, Final Fantasy Versus XIII (now Final Fantasy XV) stuck in development hell and Kingdom Hearts 3 is still nowhere to be found.

The last part of the narration had a huge impact on everyone, especially to the fans, who are expecting a lot from the remake.


The Reunion at hand may bring joy, it may bring fear, but let us embrace whatever it brings.

For they are coming back.

At last, the promise has been made.


That statement is enough to say that whatever the game may become, love it or hate it, you have to embrace it as the game is finally coming.

I still remember that time when I was presenting on stage at Toycon 2015 about the announced games at E3 2015 and added the announcement trailer to my presentation. And to my surprise, everyone went wild when they saw the trailer with the cheers reaching the corners of the convention center, the same moment we had when we saw the E3 presentation live.

And 5 years later, this still has a significant meaning to everyone who played the game, as it turns out FFVII Remake is different from the original, being an installment rather than as a whole package, a big change on the combat gameplay, and it is diverting to a different direction from its story based from its ending. Nonetheless, FFVII Remake was still an amazing game regardless of your take of the ending.

Yep, 5 years of waiting, and all was worth it.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available on the PlayStation 4, you can read our review right here.

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