Tips To Play: The Last of Us Part 2

Written by Allen

June 23, 2020


  • This is an M-Rated Game


First up, this game is crafted as an R18 title. So if you’re planning to share this gaming experience with maybe a younger audience or maybe stream your playthrough, you may want to think twice as it’s quite likely that you’ll repeatedly come across scenes not meant for kids. Or at the very least have a censor button when the scenes are getting particularly extreme or graphic, which is going to be pretty much every encounter you’ll come across in the game.



  • Always Scavenge


This title doesn’t deviate much from how the original game worked. So that means you’ll constantly be second guessing yourself if you really want to use that bomb that took so much resources for you to prepare to take down the next three infected that are running after you. You can make this troubling situation much easier to bear if you make it a point to scavenge as much as you can from every open area you end up in. It’s possible to get new weapons early or very important upgrade materials for your skills and weapons. None of them are particularly difficult to find, so long as you put in the effort to look through them. Note that doing this regularly can get you new weapons and even missable upgrades as well!



  • Survey Areas Before Moving


An old 80’s show will tell you that ‘knowing is half the battle,’ this remains true for this game. Knowing the positions of your enemies and possible hazards you have to deal with will mean you’ll be able to plan your actions better around what you have to fight out there. While listening mode is the typical method you’re likely to rely on, it’s not perfect. Make sure to actually search around you for bigger areas as they can see you further than you can hear them.



  • Specialize Your Arsenal


They designed each weapon such that they’re good for certain play styles and situations. What they didn’t design was a way for you to constantly stick to a play style you want. You’ll eventually run out of ammo for your favorite weapon and you’ll be forced to use other means to get through encounters. So make every means of fighting you have pretty useful by taking upgrades that are meaningful to them. Damage upgrades for shotguns, clip expansions for handguns, aiming stability for sniper weapons, the list goes on.



  • Maximize Your Stocks


Several types of supplies make use of the same stuff, med kits and molotov cocktails make use of cloth and alcohol, silencers and bombs make use of bottles, etc. So to make sure you make the most out of your scavenged materials, get crafting when your supplies are getting full.



  • Sometimes It’s Better to Flee


While it’s usually possible to clear out an entire room of baddies so you can loot everything you can in the area, there are fights that are better off avoided or you just straight up run. This is usually the better option to take once you’re found. AI this time around has a good habit of losing you if you manage to stay out of their sight for long enough. One of the dirtier tricks I would use would be getting enemies to fight each other, as not all of them are fighting on the same side. This way I just either stay put and pick off whatever’s left or just sneak out as they’re all fighting for their lives.



  • Always Leave Them Guessing


The way enemies around this game perform will always look for you based on where they last saw you, or well, sometimes they seem to forget what just happened. So moving around where they can’t see you even after you got spotted is an excellent way of getting back to an advantageous position, the easier the shots you have to make, the better you’ll get out of the encounter.

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