You will be able to Swim at Animal Crossing: New Horizons this July

A new free update will be rolling out in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on July 3, and this means it’s summertime.

The Free Summer Update Wave 1 will include new features that you can do at your island, and the biggest addition is the ability to swim. That’s right, you can now swim around the beach, which means you can explore for more aquatic creatures to capture and collect. The free update will add more sea creatures to your collection, so be sure to swim around the area to catch these new sea critters, you might even encounter the new character Pascal that you can trade with the critters that you found for some nifty rewards.

And Gulliver is back and with a new outfit, perhaps he has shifted to become a pirate or he was just gotten too drunk again. Help him out like before to be rewarded.

The Summer Update Wave 1 arrives on July 3, and just before the video trailer ended, the second wave will arrive in August, so more free updates for everyone for the next two months.


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