Cytus II Version 3.2 Update Features the DJMAX Collab Song

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June 30, 2020

Rayark’s Cytus II updates to version 3.2 today, adding the DJMAX collab song pack “DJMAX vol.1” and rounding out Ivy’s storyline to give players a multi-faceted musical and storyline experience.

Brand-New “DJMAX vol.1” Song Pack Includes 5 Diverse Classic Songs

After today’s update, players can go to the Black Market to purchase the “DJMAX vol.1″ song pack. Songs include”BlythE”, “glory day”, “Play The Future”, “OBLIVION” and “We’re All Gonna Die”, each bringing a unique musical style.

BlythE – M2U

Drum and Bass is a well-known genre in the world of musical rhythm games. Players can re-experience this song in its complete form, unedited.

glory day – BEXTER X Mycin.T

As the theme song for DJMAX RESPECT, this is a well-known song to players familiar with the game.

Play The Future – Urbatronic Chopsticks

Electronic music is a crucial musical style that cannot be lacking in rhythm games. This song has an exceptionally unique, slow-paced style.


A famous song from the early period of “DJMAX Online”. Produced by music maestro ESTi, it’s full of emotionally moving violin melodies.


We’re All Gonna Die – Paul Bazooka

Set to the highest difficulty in DJMAX RESPECT, this song contains high attack synth and rhythm components to create a dark atmosphere.


Ivy Update Contains Free Song and Storyline Experiences

Cytus II’s update to version 3.2 also adds a free Ivy song, “Summer Zephyr”, produced by SUi. At the same time, the main storyline has added content, rounding out some parts of the Cytus II story from Ivy’s perspective before the plotline ended.

Synopsis of Storyline Content:

Before the plot twisted and turned, drones were losing control at alarming rates, causing the spread of agitation and restlessness amongst the people. In the depths of the chaotic data world, she begins making moves… to save everything…

To make the song even more exciting, the Cytus II version 3.2 update will also add the Glitch difficulty level to “Hydrangea”, found in Joe’s song selector, which players will have the chance to get via the CAPSO system.

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