Valorant’s Latest Dev Diary Talks About Post Launch Plans

VALORANT Executive Producer Anna Donlon shared some updates about VALORANT’s launch and its future plans. You can watch the full video below.

Here is the list of topics discussed in the video:

  1. Ranked Mode & Quality of Life improvements
  2. Episodes and Acts
    1. Episodes are meant to last about six months, with Acts lasting about two months each – with three Acts per Episode.
    2. New agents will release at the beginning of an Act, and Riot is targeting a release of about six new agents a year
    3. Expect story development during new Episodes and Acts, and new Episodes will see significantly more story development and release with major feature updates
  3. Game Modes
    1. Planning for a new game mode before Episode 02
  4. Player Behaviour
    1. An increased focus on reducing disruptive behavior

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