xCloud, Microsoft’s new game streaming service, coming free for Xbox Game Pass Subscribers later this year.

Written by Louis

July 17, 2020

A prelude to gaming’s own streaming wars?

Google and NVIDIA won’t be the only ones fighting to gain their first solid foothold on game streaming services this year as Microsoft is finally making moves towards the service as they are finally poised to launch their xCloud project. While it won’t be open to everyone yet, xCloud will first launch as a free add-on for Xbox Ultimate Game Pass subscribers, and the service will allow them to play more than 100 Xbox titles remotely on their Android phones.

For those who aren’t familiar, a game streaming service allows you to access and play video game titles using supported devices over the internet. The service not only allows for remote play but also for users with low or entry-level hardware to play games without the need to upgrade their PC or Laptops though it would still require a high-speed and stable internet connection.

Even though Xbox Ultimate Game Pass users will get the first taste of the xCloud service, Microsoft does plan to expand service access to more users and even possibly make it available to iOS users as well. Project xCloud will be available to Xbox Ultimate game Pass subscribers starting this September 2020.

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