Club Audition Mobile is Now Available

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July 20, 2020

MagAudition Ka Na this July 21st, the biggest #MobileParty ng Bayan wants you to witness the opening of Club Audition Mobile. Happening in the Google Play and Apple App Store, top game publisher in Southeast Asia, PlayPark, will launch Club Audition to a stunning line up of VIP guests ready to play, namely, rapper Matthaois, TikTok stars Kuya Ching, Stephen Benihagan, Junell Dominic, Carla Zara, Cedric, Kurt Bautista, makakasama din natin ang mga celebrity child star na sina – Mitch Unnie at Ashley Sarmiento and more TikTok Idols together with the trending Pinoy Rap Artist – Matthaios and his top hits in Club Audition Mobile, a multiplayer rhythm dancing game, offers trendy songs perfect for the  new generation. Additionally, the hottest fashion styles are available to fully customize avatars and even, to look like top idols.

Based on the beloved PC game, Audition Online, T3 Entertainment made sure that the party never ends for the whole FAM. Club Audition is not simply the mobile version of the PC game but also optimized its signature look and gameplay for mobile without sacrificing accessibility. Play and party anywhere any time with friends, family and TikTok stars.

Club Audition follows a modern world setting that is equipped with 3 special modes: Bubbles, Beat, and Classic. Players can choose a preferred mode to groove to on the dance floor and from 5 game modes, with a unique experience for each, allowing users to play with or against each other.

Club Audition Mobile is free-to-play. Download today at simula na ng Party!


Addictive and Exciting Gameplay

Select your preferred room, song, difficulty, at ready na to dance battle with your friends. Skills and abilities are truly tested by hitting the right notes. Clubbers  can also upgrade their dance power to score higher by hitting the Perfect Combo!


Be a Fashionista

Express the style icon in you with Club Audition! MapaK-pop idol man, runway model, beach hunk, o kahit Asian Baby Girl (ABG), lahat pwede sa Club Audition Mobile.

Choose from a wide range of outfits and step into the dance floor in the most fashionable outfit.


Meeting The Dream Partner

Dancing is much better with a partner! Mapa-single man or taken you can enjoy playing and dancing Club Audition Mobile. Find the right match as you dance and team up by getting married to experience a special gameplay.


Build The Ultimate FAM

The FAM that dances together, slays together! Reach the pinnacle of the game kasama ang inyong FAM. Challenge others in a camp battle to earn exclusive rights, special access to exclusive items, and buff for your FAM para siguradong #CAMSquadGoals na!


Compete in Real-Time Battles

Relive the dancing game experience from Audition Online on your mobile device. Show-off your epic dance moves sa Club Audition Mobile at tara na, G na sa #DanceChallenges!

  • Dance Battle – With a maximum of 6 players, challenge everyone in the room and choose a song. Make sure to aim for the highest score!
  • Couple Dance – Challenge other couples in the game or team up with a partner after hitting 5 Perfects!
  • Bubble Pang – Follow the Bubbles! Track and click the random bubbles on the screen.
  • Club Dance – Here’s a 2v2 special mode. Find your match and become a couple after the game.
  • Battle Party – How will 4 Players vs an NPC fare? Bring out the best in your team to beat the NPC.
  • FAM Battle Party Club – Pit 4 guild members vs the NPC. Receive big rewards after defeating the NPC.
  • Classic – The ultimate challenge to win and become the best Club Audition player.
  • Beat up – Match the beat and click the buttons once it reaches the middle.


Be Crowned the Best

Move up the ranks by gaining points from every mode. The weekly highest will receive only the best items. Do your best in the Story, PVP, Level, Couple, and FAM.  What are you waiting for? The dance floor wants only the best!


Game Requirements

Club Audition is optimized for mobile and features PC-quality graphics while maintaining its accessibility.

For Android OS users, Club Audition will require:

  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Installation file size: 2GB
  • Internal storage available: 2 GB
  • Processor: Quad Core
  • OS: android 8 and above


For Apple OS users, Club Audition will require:

  • Device: Iphone 6 and above
  • Version: iOS 10

With its intuitive interface and gameplay mechanics coupled with its mesmerizing graphics, interesting storyline, and exciting PvP action, Club Audition will appeal to gamers looking for rhythm dancing mobile game for mobile phones.

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