Summoners War Universe Blasts off with the Legacy Comics Series

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July 22, 2020

Com2uS and Skybound Entertainment, a global multiplatform content company announced that they have united to release “Summoners War: Legacy”, comics series created based on the Summoners War: Sky Arena IP worldwide.

Before the official launch of Summoners War: Legacy, the first comics series based on Summoners War IP, the info about the comics series was revealed with the limited edition pre-order from the Skybound XPO with the comics major crew members and Com2uS staffs.

The Summoners War: Legacy, released online, is part of the expansion of Summoners War IP by Com2uS and Skybound. It deals with the 100 years of Summoners War universe story.

The story is set about 35 years ago from Summoners War, focusing on the charming monsters and the mysterious land Alea and the fate of Durand’s parents before he was born, the main character of Summoners War and stories surrounding them. It will connect new games “Summoners War: Lost Centuria” and “Summoners War: Chronicle”, which will be released in the future, with the globally popular game “Summoners War”, and add a new story to the franchise.

In particular, Justin Jordan, a famous writer of DC Comics “Adventure of Superman” and “Green Lantern”, and the writers and designers of worldwide famous comics such as “Adventure Time Comics” and “Star Trek: Nero” have participated in the comic’s production to create an attractive world that excites the Summoners War fans.

Justin Jordan, the writer of comics said, “Summoners War comics series is the work that I’m so proud of. I believe that not only fans of original mobile game, but also collectors of comics would like this series more than I do.”

Since the end of 2017, Com2uS has been working on expanding the Summoners War contents into games, comics, novels, animations and movies with Skybound, the producer of the global franchise “Walking Dead” comics. Based on the Summoners War’s IP, a worldview that encompasses the story of over 100 years was built, and Summoners War Universe Bible that embodies settings such as characters, cities and magic were established for the IP expansion business.

Com2uS said “The global power of Summoners War that’s popular worldwide and the global content company Skybound have combined to create the first comics series and is about to be released. We will continue to provide a pleasant experience through Summoners War and strengthen the power of Summoners War IP.”

Com2uS is planning to open a pre-order service for the global fans on the Skybound website ( until August. The pre-order will provide the golden limited edition of Summoners War: Legacy. The comics consisting of 32 pages will be available for purchase with $10, and the in-game item coupon that can be used in Summoners War will also be provided with the purchase.

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